Ted Cruz is eligible to be president

I happen to like Ted Cruz — so far.  There’s still time for me to learn more about him and change my mind.  One thing that won’t be worrying me, though, is that he’ll be subject to valid claims against his citizenship, despite his having been born in Canada.

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  • Mike Devx

    Well, shoot.  Ted Cruz’ mother was undeniably a  US citizen at the time of his birth, and if that doesn’t make him a natural-born American, what does?  So she happened to be staying in Canada at the time; as far as I know, she never even tried to claim dual citizenship.
    Barack Obama’s claim would certainly rest on far shakier ground.  Do they even want to open this can of worms?
    And consider the DREAM act and other avenues of amnesty:  We have Mexican citizens, husband and wife, and their child, born in Mexico too, yet another Mexican citizen, and all three illegally cross the border to stay in the United States AFTER the child’s birth.  And we seem to be on the path to grant them US citizenship.  Looks like total hypocrisy to me.