1. Caped Crusader says

    You can still see the Chattanooga Choo Choo and spend the night in one of the cars. We even had Dinner in the Diner a few years ago.For a brief moment in time feel like a railroad baron or captain of industry by having your own rail car. Fun city! Greatest fresh water aquarium in the world, world’s steepest railway (78 degrees), Ruby Falls, Rock City, many other attractions around Lookout Mountain. Kid heaven!

  2. Caped Crusader says

    Below is an interesting link to KCEA an online big band music site that has been operating since the 1960’s from Menlo-Atherton High in California. They have the most extensive collection I have ever heard, and many I have never heard. If you are interested or wish to hear music with a real beat, I highly recommend it! Presently listening to “Hopping on the L&N” (L&N railroad from my home town). Never heard it before!

    I am a lover of big band music, since this is what I grew up listening to, and must have several hundred CD’s of the era. Until fairly recently, I did not realize that a feature of this period is the fairly long musical lead in, before the “boy singer” (ex. Frank Sinatra) or “girl singer” (ex. Doris Day) got up from their seat, walked to the mike, and sang. The long music lead in got people up to dance and every premier hotel in any large city had a resident or series of touring name bands playing nightly, “for your dancing pleasure”; usually from a rooftop ballroom overlooking the city. Examples, The Peabody Skyway in Memphis and Roosevelt Hotel Roof in New Orleans; they were usually broadcast late at night over the old 50,000 watt clear channel blowtorch stations operating exclusively on a given frequency after dark. An era that will never be seen again!

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