An unofficial contest: Translating what Lena Dunham was talking about

This is an unofficial contest, because there’s no prize beyond the satisfaction of trying to figure out what one of the more talented and morally lacking voices of the young generation meant in a tweet:

What in the world does Dunham mean by talking about a “twelve year old genetic male”? Is she referring to what we used to call an adolescent boy? And if she is, is she making a sarcastic pop-culture reference to the modern world of identity politics (which Leftists have untethered from biology) or is she perfectly serious? Oh, and here’s another question: Why does he need her? Is she referring to the endless stories about morality bereft female teachers in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who keep cropping up in the news because they’ve seduced adolescent boys entrusted to their care, or is she just promising him that she can teach him how to wax his ‘stache?

Help me, please. I’m lost in this modern world of ours.

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  1. Robert Arvanitis says

    It’s clear.  She’s 27, but still following the rule that the “transgressive” cougars date males 15 years younger. So she’s just an aspiring cougarette.
    See?  That’s how you get famous, and therefore rich and influential, in America today.
    Kinda like Miley Cyrus using a foam finger to shed the mouse ears…

  2. Charles Martel says

    One of the hallmarks of the decline of Rome was when aristocratic women, acting like total whores, were able to retain their high status despite their public skankiness. When putas like Dunham or Fluke (or Miley Cyrus) are held in high regard by the elites, you know that the Vandals and Visigoths are not too far behind.
    The problem for us, though, is that unlike the Teutons, our Germans are not going to be enamored of our culture and they’re going to come swathed in camelhair abas that smell of dung.

  3. Mike Devx says

    Um… one, she’s showing off her pc-coolness by referring to this very, very young teenage boy as a “genetic male”.
    Two, she felt compelled to express that this 12-year old gave her the sexual hotties.  
    What’s REALLY creepy about it to me is her closing line “He needs me.”   Molesters of the young often convince themselves that these children benefit from their sexual exploitation.  Ah, the wise elder sex-witch-goddess initiates the ready, able, and willing genetic male into the mysteries of sexual congress.  Or to put it another way, Lena Dunham imagines getting her rocks off with a little 12 year old boy; and for some reason, a 12 year old boy made her panties wet and she convinced herself that “he needs me”.
    She’s not making snide social commentary about how “pedophiles” (seducers of young teenagers) groom their victims and convince themselves that it’s all for the good.  No, she’s simply being honest, freely admitting she’s in that club.
    Adult. Mature. Wise. Role model.  Hmmmm.
    How very creepy.

  4. Mike Devx says

    Which is not to say that teenagers aren’t ready for sex.  But teenagers should be exploring that brave new world they’re entering, that confusing, wild hormone-crazy time of puberty, with other young teenagers who are also ready to explore that brave new world.  In our culture, they often fumble with horrible but charming social awkwardness while they date, make mistakes that they believe will cause them to actually, physically die of embarrassment, while they all figure out the rules of this new game among themselves.  The teenagers figure it out… among themselves… together.
    They should NOT ever have to worry about fending off advances from immature, neurotic elders who get their rocks off via the sex power games involved in exploitation of the young.

  5. Eidolon says

    Ugh, the worlds of idiotic language liberals are using these days to play more-sensitive-than-thou. I weep for a language I care very much about.

    I can only assume “genetic male” means that while the person was obviously and physically a boy, with a mustache, she can’t assume that he “identifies as male.” As far as she knows the person might identify as a girl. With a mustache. Kind of like the “pregnant man” story a while back.

    I can only hope that the insane bending-over-backwards people are doing to coddle people with mental problems will eventually loop around on itself and make it impossible to continue, e.g.:

    “I can’t believe she has the gall to suggest that this poor possible girl is ‘genetically’ male! Our genes mean what we say they mean! If he says his genes are female, who are you to contradict him? Maybe he has two slightly different chromosomes, but that doesn’t have to make him ‘male’; that’s only a man-made category!”

  6. Libby says

    Gee, that’s…creepy. The mustache mention seems to reference that he’s reached puberty so he’s fair game for an open-minded gal like her, willing to usher him into manhood.
    She’s a provocateur, though, so this intentionally vague tweet is probably just her way of having fun by flirting with transgressive behavior while getting to mock people like us who take her literally.

  7. lee says

    A) I don’t see her as “one of more talented voices of the young generation” though I will go with “morally lacking.”
    B) I still keep picture a giant mustach walking through the streets of SoHo. In the rain. His hair was perfect. (Wrong SoHo, I know. But still…)
    C) I think she is talking about what she can offer him in terms of advice on waxing vs. bleaching, etc. She might be someone who has to take care of that on her own upper lip.
    D) The only thing I ever thought was entertaining about anything related to her was not a product of hers, but “Girls: Season 38.”

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