The whole abortion thing just got weirder in California

One of the reasons given for legalizing abortion was so that it could be done by doctors, rather than less qualified practitioners.  (Although the Gosnell case revealed that being is physician is no guarantee of quality.)  Given that a driving argument behind abortion was to put women in the hands of medical professionals, there’s something deeply ironic about the recently passed bill in California handing abortion back to practitioners who aren’t doctors.  I get leting midwives and nurse practitioners do abortions, but physicians’ assistants?  Really?  In my admittedly limited experience, PAs take temperatures, write notes in charts, rub in unguents, and generally do the stuff that LVN’s (who are less trained than RN’s) consider beneath them.  But they’re going to be allowed to do abortions?

I know that Hillary is going to look Americans in the face when she runs for president and boast that she’s committed to keeping abortion safe, rare, and legal.  Well, at least she and her fellow Progressives will be telling the truth about the “legal” part.

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  • lee

    PA’s usually requie a Masters degree, and it is generally a 2-3 year program, and they then go through residencies similarto, but shorter than, MD residencies. Nurse Practitioners, get a little less schooling and training than that. This is both on top of being a Registered Nruse. Generally, midwives are PA’s, though some may be NP’s. PA’s are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY  more trained, and have WAAAAAAAAAAY more resoponsibilities than an LVN or an LPN.

  • Michael Adams

    Yeah, Lee is right.  I believe that you are thinking of Medical Assistants. First trimester abortions are, actually, pretty simple, for everyone but the baby.

  • lee

    Anyhow, they both get a lot of training, on top of the training for an RN. NP can be on their own more, while PA’s are usually attached to an MD (or OD), but in theory, PA’s can actually DO more, because they have an MD right down the hall.
    That being said, I would think, based on the limitations of what PA’s and NP’s can do already, there should be certain limitations on what they would be able to do in terms of performing abortions. Most of them have limited to no authority to prescribe or to perform procedures. They have limited authority to diagnose, without the imprimatur of an MD (or OD.) 
    I used to go to a PA for my check-ups, but when I had a big mongo boil, and it had to be lanced (and biopsied–this was the height of the MRSA scare), an MD had to do it. This was in California. So, an MD is reuired to lance a potentially MRSA boil (it wasn’t, BTW), but a PA or NP can perform an abortion. Right….
    I think part of this is an effort of minimize what exactly an abortion is. Some people are trying to make it “no big deal” like something less than lancing a boil. What a TERRIBLE thing to do! Even if someone doesn’t have a moral issue with what precisely an abortion does to a baby, or even if they have no moral issue with the degree of success that Planner Parenthood has had in carrying out Margaret Sanger’s eugenics vision, it is still a TERRIBLE thing to minimize what an abortion exactly is. What an abortion does to the woman’s body SHOULD give SOMEONE pause, theoretically even the womyn warriors. It is NOT a minor procedure. It may not need general anasthesia, but the havoc it wreaks, and how much more it CAN wreak, on a woman’s reproductive system and body makes it a serious procedure.
    Now, back to defending PA’s (and NP’s as well)…
    NP’s and PA’s are a great resource in American medicine. (And just ANOTHER of MANY reasons why that widely cited WHO report–that had US healthcare as mediocre at best–was a crock of ****. The US got a low ranking in one category because of doctors per 100,000 population, but once PA’s, NP’s, RN’s, and various high level med techs–many of whom perform work that other countries require doctors to do–our medical health care professional per 100,000 population was probably #1.) Both do a lot more than take temperatures and wipe noses. BTW, a lot of applied research in improving patient care is done by NP’s and PA’s.

  • vinny

    PA’s have 1/2 the training of MD’s and are typically used in specialized care situations. For example, they can be taught to do peri-operative care, wound care,… and if there is anything unusual then they report it to the doctor they are working with. Abortion medicine can be such a narrow spectrum of practice, that a PA could be assigned to provide. They are not very good in complicated situations, such as managing numerous medications in the elderly or diagnosing something atypical.

  • Bookworm

    Thanks for that info, everyone.  When I worked in SF in hospitals and medical clinics back in the early 1980s, PAs were just “hand me that packet” people.

  • Caped Crusader

    Anyhow, they both get a lot of training, on top of the training for an RN. NP can be on their own more, while PA’s are usually attached to an MD (or OD), but in theory, PA’s can actually DO more, because they have an MD right down the hall.”
    Slight correction:
    An OD is an optometrist (long way from the pelvic area); this should be DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine, who has the same education and training of a doctor of medicine, MD).
    Anyway, it’s not going to make a big difference, after a few years of Obamacare your “doctor” will be someone in a dirty smock who can’t speak English from a third or fourth world country, probably from a Muslim country. Remember the two NHS “doctors” from ?Pakistan a couple of years ago in Formerly Great Britain who were arrested for an attempted bombing scheme?

  • Charles Martel

    Caped Crusader and lee have it figured out. On one hand the push continues to make abortion a simple, routine “health” procedure, freely available to any girl 9 or over, while the use of less credentialed healthcare workers trains us accept that under Obamacare we will, at long last, catch up to the British.

  • Libby

    This does seem to be a way to ensure that abortions become more available, more easily attainable.
    It’s easier to understand it if you acknowledge that these people don’t really care about women’s health or welfare, just ensuring that abortion is easily available. Otherwise they wouldn’t be supporting Planned Parenthood despite their track record of assisting minors without parental consent/police notification, or giving birth control and Plan B to minors without parental consent/notification, or ignoring horrific patient abuse and infanticide by Kermit Gosnell. What I don’t understand is why abortion is so important that they can tolerate all the rest.

  • MacG

    “Safe legal and rare”  For Hilary to state that public again, she would be going against the Democrat platform adopted (there is a pun in there somewhere) in the last presidential convention took out the word ‘rare’.

  • Michael Adams

    You are probably too young to remember the why of it, but the idea, going back to unSt. Margaret Sanger herself, was to free women to have the same approach to sexuality as men. I know that there are women who claim to feel like that, sexual intercourse detached from any and all emotion, and plenty of men who’d like to know them, at least in the Biblical sense.  However, most women do NOT want that kind of life. Sanger was a socialist, as were most of her associates. They believed a lot of stuff that has since proven itself in  human experience to be just crap. We still struggle with these outmoded ideas, still self-styled as “Progressive.”
    Sure, advances in embryology and neonatology have changed the rules of engagement, but so  have the myriad experiences of women, ‘loved’ and left, or much worse, forced into abortions through emotional threats of abandonment, only to experience the abandonment after the death of their child. This is all part of the Stuff That Must Not be Named, AKA real life.

  • Wolf Howling

    My refusal to say that abortion should illegal was that, whatever I may believe, not everyone shares my beliefs and I would not condemn women who believe otherwise to seeking a back alley solution from someone other than a doctor.  And now California appears to be legalizing the back alley.  Go figure.  Charles Martel and Caped Crusader may have it right.
    At any rate, PA’s were the chief medical warrant officers in all of my infantry battalions.  They were uniformly well trained in emergency medicine.  I do not know enough about abortion practices to be able to judge whether this is remotely within their skill set. 

  • Ymarsakar

    They got to make that Democrat profit be spread out to those in need. In need of money that is.