Found it on Facebook: the Syria/Detroit connection

The big surprise to me about this one was that an arch-Liberal friend of mine posted it.  I doubt she spotted the ultimate irony, which is that Detroit is a purely Democrat fail:

Syria = Detroit

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  • Ymarsakar

    Effectively runs off the same propaganda concept as “Demons seek to change the world, heroes seek to change themselves first to be worthy of changing the world”.
    Obama, hero or demon? The Leftist alliance, allies of justice or allies of evil?
    Such is the point that propaganda efforts are designed to tilt one way or another. Other methods for the same purpose is fine, but trying to win the scales of balance with things like irrelevant concepts is what shows people who deserves to win (or rather doesn’t deserve to win).

  • Ymarsakar

    An example of irrelevant efforts are things like trying to stake a position on “Is Obama a better President than Bush” or “Is Obama more likeable than Clinton or Bush” or “Is Obama’s policy in Syria going to protect America”.
    These aren’t questions designed to win the war, so to speak, because it doesn’t touch on the crucial pivotal propaganda line(s). It’s like a brawl out back at the logistics depot, doesn’t really promote victory but may burn up the supplies needed for victory.