• Charles Martel

    Thank God! If the left gives us permission to criticize The One, is it possible that we will no longer be racists?

  • Danny Lemieux

    No such luck, Hammer. You criticize him because he is a black man. They are allowed to criticize him because he is a white black man.

  • Jose

    The irony!  Our Community Organizer in Chief must be mystified by his lack of success to win international support.  Does he realize that perhaps it is because the other parties do not share a common sense of victimization?

  • Call me Lennie

    Or guilt, Jose.  After all, only two nations, US and UK, are implicated in the North Atlantic slave trade — and, of course, here is where you’ll find PC multiculturalism at its worst.  All other nations aren’t blinkered with this problem and can see Obama for what he truly is — a cipher that used white guilt to vault himself into a position for which he was totally unsuited.  You saw the first inking of that when President Barky got his hindquarters handed to him when he tried to wrest the Olympics back to his adopted hometown
    And for Bookie — There’s an even more devastating poster out now.  It shows Obama with his standard arrogant, upturnred nose pose with the caption “No Blood For Ego.”