Found it on Facebook: The red lines Obama chose to ignore

One of the more perfect posters I’ve seen regarding the intersection between Syria and Obama’s values (thanks to Danny Lemieux, who posted it on Facebook):

The red lines Obama chose to ignore

I hope everyone is clear on the fact that this war talk about Syria does not reflect an Obama value. This is about his saving face after his throwaway line last year about “red lines.” In addition, now that everyone has turned against him (European leaders, Congress, the American people), our narcissist in chief is going to bully through his agenda because we’re all Obama’s enemies now.

This is not about Syria. This is not about the 1,400 people who were gassed either by Assad/Iran or by Al Qaeda. This is about Obama. And he is willing to drag the whole word towards Armageddon rather than to have his ego damaged.

Perhaps, though, Obama’s arrogance in the past many years might be what saves America. Keith Koffler says that Obama’s rebuff in the house is Obama’s personal flock of chickens coming home to roost:

If this were Bill Clinton or George W. Bush, I’d think yeah, it will pass in the end. But not this guy. I can’t say that Obama’s motion to attack Syria will fail, but I can’t say it will pass either. Because Obama has acted very unpresidential for the past four and a half years.

Usually that would mean “undignified.” But in this case I mean that he has failed the basic test of the politician that a president must be – schmoozing members of Congress while staying in touch with the public on important issues.

You really get the feeling with this president that he’d rather be left alone in the Oval Office or on the golf course with his little friends than hang out with the riffraff from Capitol Hill. Obama lacks strong relationships there, even with his allies.

I covered both Bush and Clinton, and I’d constantly see a line of lawmakers’ cars parked on the West Wing driveway while their owners hashed something out with the president in the Oval Office. With Obama, the driveway is always nice, tidy and empty.

Please read the whole thing.

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  • Ymarsakar

    A dictator must have his pleasures. North Korea is a model for those in league.

  • Caped Crusader

    I doubt 10% have any idea what that is a picture of, if they ever see it. Hey, but what do you expect from a country that spends more on education than anyone else in the world. They cannot name anyone making the decisions about their lives, but they do know that Spongebob wears square pants. This could be solved if we just spent more on education, right? YEAH!!
    Despite all the I phones, I pads, computers, and quantum leaps in communication we have to face the facts that the world is essentially still all tribal and age old conflicts are no better than centuries ago. Fifty different factions of Muslims all hating each other and plotting their demise. And, in different forms in every other country of the world. Depressing, but a true evaluation of mankind.

  • Wolf Howling

    This last use of chem was the sixth time that Assad has used these weapons in the civil war.  None of the prior times drew much more than a peep from Obama, if anything at all – which means that the “international law” “red line” or the “Congressional” “red line” are meaningless and not at issue, despite what Obama may now claim.   For all the reasons America has gone to war – and I am thinking back to 1776 – I can’t think of a single instance it has ever gone to war so that a President can save face.  
    Superb poster.