Life in the suburbs

I may not agree with Marin politically (it’s roughly 70% to the Left of Left, despite the rampant capitalism that supports its infrastructure), but it is a fabulous place to raise children.  Sure, there are problems with drugs and drinking (lots of them), but the fact remains that if you want your children raised in a child-centered community that offers safe streets, old-fashioned neighborhoods, excellent schools, and true community, you can find it in Marin.  My kids play soccer, swim, do martial arts, run around the neighborhood, play parlor games, go to their friends’ basketball/lacross/water polo/football/baseball/etc. activities, and generally live the healthy, physical, safe life that we all dream of for our children.

My kids and their friends don’t hunger for urban life.  When they go into San Francisco, none of them can leave fast enough.  To them, the City is dirty, noisy, crowded, dirty, unsafe, overwhelming — did I mention dirty? — and just not the place they want to be.  Most of the kids they hang with say that they want to attend a college in a smaller rural or suburban area when the time comes.  Put another way, Marin has some of the same downsides as San Francisco — drugs and drinking — and lacks some of the upsides — trendy restaurants and public transportation — but overall, when it comes to raising children, Marin offers much more for parents and children than the City ever could.

Speaking of public transportation, when my children were little and we had left the City for Marin, I thanked God on a daily basis that Safeway was an easy 7 minute drive from my house, and that there was clean, safe parking when I got there, as opposed to my situation in the City.  There, as the crow flew, Lucky’s was 7 minutes from my house, but add in traffic and parking, not to mention the crowded, surly store itself, and shopping for groceries in the city was one long screaming child nightmare that could last an hour or two.  And I had a car.  Had I lived there without a car, a quick trip to the store would have taken up to half a day, with an angry, temperamental child (or two).

Marin is just easy.  It is.

As for the drugs and drink, we’ve tried to instill values in our children.  It’s not the school’s responsibility to instill those values.  It’s mine and my husband’s, and I think we’ve built some pretty strong moral armor around the children.  It helps that the neighborhood shares our values.  Interestingly enough, the kids, when at school, shy away from the fast crowd.  Their friends are as wholesome as they are.

All of which means I totally agree with Mike Lanza, who adds data to my anecdotes and reaches the obvious conclusion:  for all their “it’s for the children” talk, the Democrats’ hostility to suburbs is fundamentally anti-family and anti-child.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Drugs have unfortunate side effects. Probably the most deleterious one back for me was that made it easier for people to kill the drug user.
    Later on, with hard drugs that is reversed, but that just means it makes it easier to kill other people when you don’t want to. Both sides of the equation is bad, lacking in control or discipline.
    If people wanted to become animals driven by instinct, they should go back to nature, where they belong. No technology, no electricity, no housing. Try it out, it’s at least as beneficial as drug use.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Japanese have these convenience stores that have almost everything needed for daily life, including postage delivery and package delivery. They also have police boxes about every few miles or so, with an officer that does patrols and basically lives there.

  • Ymarsakar

    There are a lot of things that other cultures do that is better or more efficient, but the Left cannot be relied upon to integrate them into the American fabric. Why is that? Merely because they seek to destroy, not build. Building takes energy and work, which is too boring for those born to rule.
    Those Democrat voters can delay the inevitable for quite a while, riding that gravy train, but eventually there will be a stop.

  • Mike Devx

    Book, you wrote:
    > Marin is just easy.  It is.
    I think it’s worth digging a little deeper on this one.  The things that *you want* to be easy, are easy.  And therefore you value Marin, because it makes those things easy.  I suspect the things you find easy are easy for both liberals and conservatives.  Marin is doing a good job constructing the civilization that people want.
    Isn’t that one of the hallmarks of civilization?
    I guess I’m talking about the metaphysics of civilization here.  I’ll bring it back around to Obama.  In this case, with a focus on Egypt.  Why is it that we conservatives consistently view Obama as being anti-civilization?  In the case of Egypt, it concerns his intense enormous man-love-crush on the Muslim Brotherhood and most of the radical Islamic forces.  Obama was an active part of installing the Muslim Brotherhood into rulership over Egypt.  I think we can say with confidence that Obama considered this a promotion of civilization.  That he considers Ismalic radicalism, instead of Western Civilization, to promote civilization.
    And so the people of Egypt got a good, long, hard lesson in being ruled by the dictatorial, ruthless forces of Islamic radicalism in the form of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.
    It is not in their nature to rule benevolently.  It is not in their nature to give people what they want:  to “make life easier” in the ways people want their lives made easier.  No, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, like Obama, will impose, with an iron boot upon your throat, what *they* are certain is for your own good, whether you want it or not.  They don’t seek to convince or persuade.  They seek iron rule, the rule of Man, not the rule of Law.  It is true of the Muslim Brotherhood; it is true of Obama.  
    The people of Egypt soured quickly on the unreasoning brutal force, the iron boot, of the jackals of the Muslim Brotherhood.  They seem to have re-evaluated their hatred for the military.  The military has gone out of its way to (at least appear to) work with the people of Egypt, and hence they are winning the battle against Obama’s love-buddies, the Muslim Brotherhood, and they are now in the process of stamping out those vicious, murderous intolerant bastard jackals of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddies.
    I guess that impulse toward the ruthless and fascist Rule Of Man, rather than Rule Of Law,  is what Obama shares with them, along with the fact that he was raised within Islam, and seems to trust it, and want it, more than he wants anything Western.

  • Caped Crusader

    Well shucks Ma’m, you’ve made me feel stupid is as stupid does. I am now convinced from your article that Liberal Progressive is the way to go to live in heaven on earth. The fruition of 80% Democratic votes in recent elections demonstrate How could I have been so blind. To further educate myself about the wonders of Marin, have just read the Wikipedia page on Marin County. Your black population is only 2.6%, a fact that I am sure was not the fault of Marinites, and once informed of this glaring, but I’m sure unintended,  defect, they will be falling all over themselves to help comrade Obama reach his new goal of equalizing all the neighborhoods in America. Moving large numbers of blacks from Oakland to your neighborhoods will make Marin an even better place to live for all. It will also do a great deal for your real estate values, schools, and street safety—I won’t say what, but it will do a lot. And being more ethnically diverse will make all these liberals feel ever so much better about themselves, and what they preach for everyone else! I know they will love the ever present gangsta rap on every street corner, and all the broken glass in the streets, and the exotic names of their children’s new friends and schoolmates. Please, Marinites, joint the fun. We want to share our good fortune with you! You too can share the fun and feel the love that the rest of America does.
    Just the other day, a 5 year old in kindergartener came to school with a loaded handgun in his backpack, and this rabid criminal was expelled from school, but no punishment was deemed necessary for the parents possessing an illegally owned handgun. Proving gun control laws really do work!

  • Charles Martel

    Caped Crusader’s observation merits some expansion. Part of Marin’s “success” is that it has studiously kept the wrong races and lower classes out of view. Despite the county’s ultra-liberal bona fides, it has a remarkable absence of threatening minorities. It Mexican and Central American servants and gardeners are sequestered in the Canal Area, a dense low-rent neighborhood in the county’s biggest city, San Rafael, that is fairly easy to patrol because it’s bounded by water on two sides, a freeway on the third, and an industrial neighborhood on the fourth.
    Blacks are confined, and have been for decades, to Marin City, an adjunct to the now long-gone Sausalito Shipyards, which attracted a huge black workforce during WWII to build Liberty ships. What’s left now is a thoroughly demoralized, LBJ-ized ghetto culture with low educational aspirations, a high crime rate, and the usual high rate of black bastardy. What’s interesting is that the local school district, controlled by the predictable complement of activists and hand-wringers, despite spending about $7,000 a year per student more than affluent Marin’s other school districts, has extremely low test scores, and abysmal rates of numeracy and literacy.
    Though it’s obvious that the thoroughly toxic welfare culture that Marin’s black kids are growing up in is the cause of their repeated failures, the white and black racists who run the district will never acknowledge it. Those kids are a lost cause. But they are out of sight, and that which you cannot see is that which you do not have to acknowledge. Ignorance is bliss, and ignorance rules in Marin.

  • Bookworm

    Those who note that Marin works because it has no underclass are correct.  There’s nothing more to be said.  And when court orders try to force an underclass into Marin, you can hear the liberals’ shrieks halfway across the country.  They phrase it as “density” and “quality of life” and “Marin’s uniqueness,” but it is, of course, don’t let those criminals and poor people into our lovely towns.

  • Caped Crusader

    CM, there is nothing I detest more than a holier than thou hypocrite who knows exactly how everyone should live their loves, just as long as it does not pertain to them personally. We happened to be living in Waterville, Maine in the summer of 1963 when the civil rights movement first became nationwide, and not an exclusively Southern phenomenon, about which we were lectured daily by our neighbors as to how we should conduct ourselves for our own betterment. We were living in a Colby College dorm with many other couples from all over the USA taking an intensive 3 month postgraduate medical course. Our closest neighbors were a quintessential upper West Side NY Jewish liberal couple (quite sane and pleasant compared to modern times), with whom we played tennis and pick-nicked. I will never forget the day he greater me at lunchtime ashen faced stating his father could not get to work that day because “they” had blocked the Long Island Expressway. He told me that should not happen, for they were on their side, they just didn’t have the facilities for them. When asked what facilities they needed he was totally stumped, speechless, and flabbergasted. Over that summer we watched in silent warped amusement as those heretofore deprived of demonstrations became members of the real world; and we Southerners enjoyed every minute of crow eating we were privileged to witness. Strangely, we no longer received the advice we were so freely given previously. In matter of fact, from vocabulary changes, quite a large number became hardened racists, if comments about the news were any indication.

  • Ymarsakar

    When Marin’s success is built by keeping others in the gutter, I cannot quite call that “building” much of anything.
    That’s just off loading your criminals and problems unto other problem to solve. But then again, they voted for Obama, so I’m repeating myself.

  • Ron19

    Ymarsakar #19:
    When Marin’s success is built by keeping others in the gutter, I cannot quite call that “building” much of anything.
    That’s just off loading your criminals and problems unto other problem to solve.
    Something to think about.

  • Ymarsakar

    I’ve never forgotten a single dogmatic statement from a Leftist in my life. I still remember them talking about zero sum, robber baron capitalists earning profits only by breaking the backs of the slave workers, and how American power and resources only exist because we took it from somebody else.
    I later realized what the Left’s claims were 99% true of themselves, and ONLY AND FIRSTLY true of themselves too.