The deep, pervasive, ugly racism of the anti-Gun left

This Sarah Silverman anti-gun commercial comes from “Funny or Die.”  It’s not funny.  In the parlance of comics, “Silverman died up there.”  Not only is it not funny, it’s terribly, terribly racist, since the implication is that the only thing that blacks will do if one gives them guns is commit murder:

Aside from being racist, the video the video raises stupidity to epic levels.  The wonderful Colion Noir, after delivering a few nicely calculated verbal blows to the video’s participants, gets to the heart of the matter:

It’s worth considering as you watch both those videos that anti-gun efforts in America, going back to the revolutionary war, have been aimed at keeping black people in their place, in part by keeping them away from their right to bear arms.

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  • JKB

    It’s like they don’t accept that young black men exist outside the ghetto and gangs.  
    And she shoots herself in the foot, figuratively, with the poor gun handling.  Finger on the trigger, waving it around like a gangbanger, pointing it at the camera (assuming there were people behind the camera), and pointing it at her own head.  She obviously has a Hollywood understanding of firearms.  
    Colin Noir isn’t completely accurate.  Some of those older black church ladies don’t leave because it is their home.  My cousin was a patrol officer who worked one of the projects, mostly black residents.  He and his partner worked with the ladies of the community and using the law got it to a reasonably safe state.  At least to the point one of the elderly ladies whose apartment was below the brick line was able to start sleeping in her bed again instead of the floor.  But then Clinton’s HUD came along with a rule that public housing couldn’t have local control and all had to be centrally managed and took over.  The housing project has degenerated back to violence under benevolent federal control.  

  • Jose

    I just listened to an hour long interview of a very articulate Robert Zimmerman, George Zimmerman’s brother. He stated that the Zimmerman family kept thinking that throughout the investigation, by authorities and media both, the truth would be revealed and would justify George’s actions.  Instead the truth was suppressed by the media and race hustlers.  No big surprises there, but he confirmed what we already know.
    The Martin family first stated that the issue wasn’t about race – we saw where that went.  Then they just wanted an arrest – the state complied.  Then a trial – state complied again.  So they got everything they wanted, until justice was done.
    Off topic – But GREAT NEWS FROM COLORADO this morning, despite money pouring in from outside gun grabbers.
    “While both sides campaigned vigorously, knocking on doors, holding rallies and driving voters to the polls, gun-control advocates far outspent their opponents. A range of philanthropists, liberal political groups, unions and activists raised a total of $3 million to defend Mr. Morse and Ms. Giron. Mr. Bloomberg personally gave $350,000.”

  • Eidolon

    You watch the Silverman video, and you think…who is this targeted this at? Has anyone at the NRA ever been against guns for black people? How many times have we talked about how dangerous Chicago and Detroit are for black people? I would be very happy if more young black males purchased weapons legally, learned how to handle them safely, and defended themselves against gang members and other criminals.
    Did I miss the big racist backlash against that black guy shot the white teenager who was threatening him, and who was found to be acting in self defense? And isn’t it a bit insulting to compare all normal, law-abiding black folks to a drug-taking, violent kid who attacked someone for no good reason? Are they suggesting that all black people are violent and irrational?
    I guess it makes sense that liberals are angry all the time. They live in a world where hundreds of millions of people are hateful racists. I can’t understand how anyone could believe these things about other people — people you meet at the store or in the street who happen to disagree about politics or religion. Apparently they’re adept at thinking absurdly terrible things about their fellow man.

  • MacG

    This is odd. They are acknowledging that young black men are violent? I thought htat was profiling?  I have yet to hear the NRA say that blacks should not have guns.  Where do they come up with the sarcastic idea that the NRA would oppress a black man;s right to bear arms?
    Friggin Liberals.  Even when here is no evidence of division they have to create it.  

  • Eidolon

    Now that you mention it, MacG, I’m really struggling to gather the point of the video. So we have:
    1. The NRA does not advocate guns for black men (?)
    2. Arming young black men is scary to the NRA and its members (?)
    3. If young black men had guns (legal guns, I assume, unless the “Black NRA” is separate because it advocates buying black-market weapons) they would be safer to go about their business
    4. “Stand your ground” would allow black men to shoot white men legally
    So let’s see if I have this whole thing straight, from their perspective. The NRA is made up of evil racist white men, who want to see all white men armed to protect them from black men, possibly so they can shoot black men if they feel the least bit threatened. These NRA members would be very uncomfortable with the idea of black men becoming legally armed (again, hard to tell if this “Black NRA” is supposed to be advocating legal or illegal weaponry) because if the white person becomes aggressive toward the black person due to fear/paranoia, especially when the black person is merely going about his business, the black person might legally shoot him.
    So the actions of a racist white person would be to attempt to disarm black men and prevent them from legally having firearms, or to arrange the laws so that a black person couldn’t defend himself from aggression by a white person with deadly force.
    Also, stand your ground laws are racist against black people and no one should be allowed to have guns.

  • jj

    I guess I’d care if I had the slightest idea who Sarah Silverman is…  The last couple of weeks you’ve made me feel really out of it!  That other one whose name I forget – but it doesn’t matter, I didn’t know who she is anyway; Miley What’s’er’face who I wouldn’t know if I fell over her and from whose mouth I have never heard anything – but at least I sort of recognized the name!  And now this one: Sarah Silverman.  No clue.  I must be aging far more rapidly than I’d supposed!
    I do make an effort to keep up, if for no other reason than to benefit what I sort of do – though my partner would probably dispute that.  He’s the one who watches TV, goes to the movies, keeps himself – and by extrapolation us – more or less current with the culture.  Such a Hollywood guy!  Admittedly, I don’t make that much of an effort.  (Obviously!)  But this is three times now in the last ten days where you’ve placed me in a position where pretty much all I can do is say: “huh?  Who?”
    I comfort myself by supposing that if she meant anything at all to anyone outside her immediate family, I’d have heard of her.

  • MacG

    “Also, stand your ground laws are racist against black people and no one should be allowed to have gun”
    I believe that was sarcasm so I am sure that you know that it has been shown here in other posts that in Tampa, Florida the stand your ground defense is used more often and exonerates more blacks than whites.  The people like SS and her troupe never get to those inconvenient truths – it is just easier to project all of one’s crap onto everyone else.  Historically it has been people in  one political party who has tried to suppress the black vote, gun ownership and upward mobility than the other. The one thing that has remained the same is that the Democrats still own a particular demographic done by demonizing the GOP and by patronizing said demographic.  But that would be another inconvenient truth which would implode their paradigm.

  • MacG

    Of course to my lib friends Colin is just a paid shill for the NRA. But they mean token. :) 

  • Jose

    Who is this white guy hanging out with Harry Belfonte and Sidney Poitier at the 1963 civil rights march in Washington D.C.?
    Oh, it’s that guy who became the PRESIDENT of the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION.

  • Eidolon

    MacG, my point is that it appears that the makers of the video believe that 1) it’s racist to not want black people to have guns and 2) gun control, i.e. taking guns away from both whites and blacks, is a necessity and all reasonable people should support it.
    Furthermore they appear to believe that 1) racist whites want “stand your ground” laws to be able to shoot blacks legally, 2) if blacks had guns they could use “stand your ground” laws to shoot whites legally though racist whites don’t want this, and 3) “stand your ground” laws are racist against blacks and should therefore be repealed.
    I don’t see any way to reconcile these beliefs with each other. If it’s racist to want to prevent blacks from having guns and using them to defend themselves legally through laws which provide robust protections for self defense, then they appear to be racist, since they oppose both of these things.
    On the other hand, they may think it’s racist to think that whoever applies legally should have firearms within reason, and that people being attacked should have robust legal protection to use self defense. However, it seems to me that the only way you could reach that conclusion is to assume that black people are incapable of following legal guidelines to get guns legally, and that they are inherently violent and will be shot more frequently if law-abiding citizens are armed. You could say that they think these things are racist because evil whites will use them to kill innocent blacks, but “stand your ground” laws aren’t a get-out-of-jail-free card, they only defend you if you’re being attacked or have reasonable grounds for believing you’re defending yourself. They also make it clear that they understand that “stand your ground” could be used by blacks against whites, but presumably they think it won’t. In that case, they’re racist for assuming that blacks can’t be expected to control their violent tendencies like others can.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Democrat party is one of the founding members of the Leftist alliance. Their platform has always been that blacks are inferior and cannot be trusted to read, write, have sex with white women (abortion, Margaret Sanger plus), and that they should be disarmed in case their black blood causes them to kill people.
    This was enforced by the KKK, voter intimidation, hanging blacks AND whites who supported Republicans in the South. The US Civil War I was won by the Union, but the aftermath was lost as blacks were once again put into shackles dictated by Democrat Jim Crow laws. Laws which were instigated partially on fear of the next War of Northern Aggression, mass killers like Sherman/Sheridan, and tyrants like Lincoln, as the Democrats propagandized. Remind you of any other propaganda lately?
    The KKK was protected and Union troops were ordered not to fire on them. Remind you of some other protected paramilitary groups in the US?
    And in the end, the Leftist alliance ties it all together.

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