Zo and some friends take on the racism behind Sarah Silverman’s “‘Black NRA” video

It must be enormously frustrating for the Left that new media no longer means that the Democrat white power structure can be the official and the only voice for black America.  Because Democrats’ vested interest is in keeping blacks subordinate to the Democrat party, that Leftist voice has always worked full-time to tell blacks (a) that they are victims and (b) that they can find succor only within Big Government.

Sarah Silverman’s unfunny video about a “black NRA” is the perfect illustration of this paradigm.  It attempts to be a satire implying that the NRA wants to kill blacks.  The problem is that this world view is so grossly untrue that the video does nothing more than engaging in skin-crawling racism that tells the world that blacks are irremediably murderers who cannot be trusted with weapons.  (That is, the only way to save blacks isn’t to change their culture, it’s to keep all of them helpless.)  Ouch.

Last week, I posted Colion Noir’s rebuttal (along with Silverman’s video).  This week, the honors go to Zo and friends:

What I particularly like about this video is that it acknowledges a problem — black drug use and gun violence — but refuses to fall into the “we are victims, whites are racists, Big Brother is the savior” trope. Instead, it’s a video that speaks about true black empowerment, not by insulting whites into obeisance, but by raising blacks up to the full dignities of all Americans.

Hat tip:  Danny Lemieux

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  • Eidolon

    There’s a bitter irony in the way Silverman thinks the NRA is against blacks, when in reality it was formed by abolitionists. What better way to show trust, to demonstrate in a very real way belief in the equal dignity of blacks, than to give them weapons? It takes away the ability of others to oppress them and empowers them in a way that all the talk and complaining and whinging about “privilege” can never do. It’s a clear statement: you are just like us, and you deserve the same protections for your freedoms that we have.
    If only liberals could focus on meaningful empowerment, like arming and training the law-abiding blacks who live in dangerous neighborhoods, rather than talking endlessly about how awful white people are.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Andy here thinks he’s like some pure true believer. All he does is overseer the suicide package for some other poor cannonfodder, though. He doesn’t go out and get the job done himself, he considers himself too valuable for the Cause.
    And that’s all he is.
    <B>If only liberals could focus on meaningful empowerment, like arming and training the law-abiding blacks who live in dangerous neighborhoods, rather than talking endlessly about how awful white people are.</b>
    Do you not understand that they are incapable of doing so? Why did you think the Democrats never agreed to arm the slaves in the South? They couldn’t do it. Because if they did, slavery would go up in rebellion and they would lose most of their wealth and power. They lost most of their wealth anyways to Sherman, but recovered their power under the KKK post war. The KKK suppressed both white and black Republicans, abolitionists, and freedom fighters in the South.
    How then do you think it is possible for the Left to focus on “meaningful empowerment” when their complete power structure is based around enforcing slavery?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Top part of my comment on Andy was supposed to be posted here http://www.bookwormroom.com/2013/09/15/andrew-sullivans-marvelously-misguided-theory-about-how-obama-played-putin-when-it-came-to-syria/

  • lee

    I am not sure why, (maybe it has to do with “racism”), but this made me think of something I read this weekend about the school board electrions in Tuscaloosa, home of the University of Alabama. It seems the past term for one district was held by the wife of a ‘Bama law professor, and Northerner. And it seems in this election cycle, the “Machine” (a politcal machine of the ‘Bama Greek system that usually plays poltical maching in campus elctions) got involved, and seems to have gotten their candidate elected. The husband of the losing candidate wrote a letter to the Faculty Senate, saying that they two things they should look into are: A smoke-free campus; and the Greek System. (He also alleges, as does his wife, voter fraud, powered by the “Machine.”)
    In his letter to the Faculty Senate, one of the things he mentions is “the horrendous lack of racial integration in our Greek system.” And this, of all the things in his letter (http://blog.al.com/tuscaloosa/2013/08/professors_letter_to_alabama_f.html ) is what I started thinking about after reading this.
    When I was an undergraduate, in the early 80’s, my school (a major midwestern university) was in the process of trying to “integrate” its Greek System. It was an interesting excercise, and now, three decades later, I have little idea how well it worked. The Unviesrity didn’t try to impose it. Nor did the Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Association. It came from one of the Black fraternities–and old one, with very distinguished alumni.
    One of the Black fraternities made a bold move by annoucning that it would participate in the big spring thing (which had been segregated when it started, but by the late 1960’s the segragationist rules were eliminated) rather than the Black Student Union Spring Picnic. It also participated in the other big Greek things over the year, and also announced that the following year, it would participate in the Interfraternity Council Rush. This was a BIG deal. This fraternity was part of the original eight black fraternities and sororities that made up the National Panhellenic Council, (sometime in the 90’s, it became the “Divine Nine”) and not only was it an old chapter, with EXTREMELY distinguished alumni, but it carried a lot of weight nationally.  The following year, one of the black sororities announced it would participate in the Panhellanic Association Rush. (Also a member of the NPHC.) And if I recall correctly, pledged a white girl.
    As this all started, one of the concerns was the possibility of loosing the identity of the fraternities / sororities. Part of the discussion (which was carried out in the newspapers) pointed out AEPi (a fraternity founded as a Jewish fraternity) that, at another school, had not a single Jewish member. And AEPhi, who had dropped its Jewish philanthropy and had a Christmas tree. (I just looked at the national site of another Jewish sorority, and it was founded by seven women, no mention of them being Jewish.) I am not sure how the Jewish fraternities and sororities felt about being held up as an example of loosing one’s identity. I looked up my undergraduate school, and the black fraternities and sororities are still part of the NPHC, with no mention of how they rush. But they both do participate with the other Greek houses, and pair with them for the big Greek events, so that indicates a certain degree of ‘integration.”
    However, I don’t know how it all ultimately worked out. I did see some black kids in the group shots of members of different houses, when I was checking out my undergraduate school. Maybe some were members, maybe some were just friends. The Jewish ones are barely Jewish at all. (Just the symbols.) Now there are a few Asian fraternties/sororites, and latin/o/a ones, but they are members of the Multicultural Greek Council. (Who KNOWS how their rush works!)
    And I am not sure what I think about all this… (And I certainly have NO idea how ANY of this works at the University of Alabama!)

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Democracy never did work for long, because it was too easy to rig the system. The corrupt politicians got forever power. The military heroes were executed, the political war heroes were sent into exile, and everybody else was sentenced to death if they said something un democratic.