Interested in your opinions about the House vote defunding Obamacare

Whew!  I’ve been going straight through since 5:30 this morning, and this is my first chance to sit down and talk politics.

The big deal today as far as I can tell is that the House voted to pass a budget that funds everything but Obamacare.  I’ve already discussed the fact that I like the muscularity of this move, if only the Republicans can keep hold of the narrative.

Here’s what’s going to be interesting:  Once the bill hits the Senate, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee are going to lead the charge against it.  Their problem is that they can’t let it pass cloture.  If it does, Harry Reid can strip out the defunding Obamacare bit, and sent a “clean” budget to the Senate for a vote.

Of course, even if Harry Reid does get a “clean” budget, because it’s not harmonized with the House bill, I believe that it heads right back to the House.  Then, we begin the whole thing again.  The longer this little Congressional dance lasts, the more opportunity the media has to paint Republicans as evil obstructionists.

I was thinking about that, though.  Republicans didn’t just mysteriously appear in the House.  The People elected them.  They elected them to the House in 2010, when they clearly meant them as a brake on Obamacare, and against in 2012, when they presumably meant House Republicans to be a brake on Obama generally.

In other words, Obama is being as dishonest as always when he claims that the Republicans are being obstructionist with regard to a presidential agenda that the people want to see put into effect.  In fact, the House’s make-up, which is the clearest evidence of the people’s will in federal government, establishes conclusively that the American people were looking for obstructionism.  Some of them may like Obama as a person (although I suspect that number is dropping), but the House making is the clearest evidence possible that they disagree with his agenda.

If anyone can talk his way around the mud and other stuff the Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) are slinging, it’s Ted Cruz.  I wish him the best of luck and an extraordinary degree of verbal clarity with this one.

I know a budget isn’t a bill, but I still thought this was an enjoyable ending for this post:

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  • Robert Arvanitis

    Republican advantages include being right on the issues, and popular opposition to Obamacare.
    The Republican disadvantage is ignorant voters (euphemistically called “low information”).
    The Republican taskis to fix that.  Recall Ron White’s famous line “you can’t fix stupid.”  He’s right, but you CAN fix ignorant.
    See, ignorant voters already like the idea of no rejections, and democrats play hard to the short-term seduction, pushing the harpoon of entitlements deep. And helping that, ignorant voters do not think through the consequences of fallacies like “no rejections.”
    The challenge then is for Republicans to market their own ideas:  “Can you buy insurance once the house is on fire?  How foolish are Democrats, trying to dupe the public with that stupidity?!”
    The abstract ideas alone are not enough.  Set a simple, concrete message and sell the hell out of it.

  • Ymarsakar

    I expect an October surprise, like the revolutionaries of old.
    I expect the Republicans to be talking American justice this and American justice that, as they walk into the room with Dems.
    But when they come out, they’ll be souless, eyeless, minions of Democrat politics agreeing with what the Democrats told them is right.
    Maybe it’s black mail, maybe it’s bribes, maybe it’s something else. But I expect something like that. The Left didn’t come to be where they are by playing fair.

  • Danny Lemieux

    You can fix ignorance, but not when your average Democrat voter is tuned out. Obama’s been doing a great job of destroying the Middle Class while the rich get richer, but don’t tell that to a Democrat voter because it just will not compute.
    That’s my concern with the battle to defund Obamacare. For now, “Obamacare” doesn’t exist, because the real damage hasn’t yet hit home. So, the Republicans will be seen as attacking something that low-information Democrats don’t yet see as affecting them and so for them it is still an abstraction. These efforts will be perceived as Republicans attacking health care “reform”.
    The time to attack Obamacare will be when the pain has hit home, not before. My guess is that many Democrats/Liberals (not Leftists, though) will react “as women scorned”…they will be flaming mad, as long as it can’t be hung on Republicans/conservatives.

  • Ymarsakar

    What’s “mysterious” is how John Fing Kerry and Hillary Roddam Clinton appeared as SecDef.
    Who voted for these peeps again?

  • Ymarsakar

    Oops, SecState. Although Kerry was close. Maybe next time.

  • Mike Devx

    This will be a media-heavy event, and we should definitely move forward with it.  I think a lot of Republicans have the opportunity to get in front of the cameras and state exactly why they deplore ObamaCare.  Get your facts ready, get your game face on, Republicans, and shine!  Go on record opposing this disaster with powerful, memorable statements that would make Cicero nod his head in admiration.
    I don’t think you can find even one average American who is happy that Congress has exempted itself, and all of its staff, from ObamaCare.  Republicans can make a HUGE amount of noise about this, deploring this, and blaming the Democrats.  It would be potent ammunition if they could get their act together.
    Finally, the main benefit of pushing this is that the Democrats will have to go on record again, today, as supporting all of ObamaCare.  It is a Democrat program and we have to do everything we can to make them OWN it.  This vote would help, because the Democrats WILL have to line up nearly unanimously in support.  It’s their program. They deserve all the credit if it succeeds (snark!), and all the blame when it inevitably fails. Make them own it, lock stock and barrel.

  • Robert Arvanitis

    Danny Lemieux – You are right that the average democrat ignorant voter is not paying attention.  And in a rational world, you’d wait for the pain and then correct it.
    The problem here arises from the seductive fallacies of all democrat schemes, obamacare included.  People want no-reject insurance and their social security check. even as no-reject destroys the healthcare system, and social security consumes the entire federal budget.
    So the soonest stop is the best.
    Concrete example.  We COULD have stopped Hitler in Sudetenland for 50k dead.  Instead we had to wait until the ignorant finally learned he was evil, so we stopped him at Normandy for 500k dead.
    Republicans must market like democrats – simple concrete message, repeated endlessly.

  • Spartacus

    In the lead-up to Trafalgar, Nelson was aware that his fleet might engage the combined French and Spanish fleets and lose.  His main worry, however, was that his captains would engage the enemy only cautiously, and allow the chance for a decisive victory to slip away.
    Carpe diem.

  • Wolf Howling

    As you say, elections have consequences.  The people voted control of the House to Republicans in a wave election whose clear message was to check Obama.  The House is the only body authorized by the Constitution to initiate funding bills.  That gives them penultimate control over the purse.    
    The left cannot seriously argue that, because Obamacare is a law, the House is under any duty whatsoever to fund it.  Obama’s administration has routinely ignored laws despite his Constitutional duty to enforce them. (Indeed, under any rational system, he would have been subject to legal challenge for his failure to enforce the law.)  But besides that, the decision of what or what not to fund is a decision solely for the House to make.  They are under no legal compulsion to fund or not fund any particular program – with the sole exception being that, by the 14th Amendment’s Public Debt Clause, the government cannot discharge debts already incurred. 
    Everyone on the right is afraid of a government shut down because of what happened in 94(?) when Newt had the bright idea of shutting down the government at Christmas time, as I recall, and got spanked by Clinton.  That was not merely bad timing, but it took place at a time when the media was totally controlled by the left.  Times have changed.  We are in dire economic straits, the media is not wholly controlled by the left, and Obama is weak.   
    I think that it is time for the right to put their big boy pants on and hold the line – refuse to fund Obamacare.  Let Obama and the left rage all they will. 

  • Robert Arvanitis

    Wolf Howling:
    Good.  Throw it back into Obama’s face, where he said “I won…”
    And you are right that the House controls the purse.
    But in fact all you really need to say is “The left can’t argue seriously,”  Period.

  • Caped Crusader

    Good comments all!
    Mike #6:
    Agree 100% but always have to remember Carville’s observation that Republicans can screw up a one car funeral!
    Robert #7 and Wolf #9:
    Agree if there is ever a time to attack it is now. At worst, all that can happen is that the Republicans made an historic stand and will be on record as such when it falls flat. If it is to be funded it must be law that ALL Americans will be covered by Obamacare–OCTOBER 1, as passed, NO DELAYS, EXCEPTIONS OR  CARVE OUTS FOR ANYONE  — just to be FAIR, as the DEMS are always harping on! This would be a winning strategy! The Republicans are always playing defense and never attack!. For 8 years I was in the Third Army –Patton’s Own– (but 8 years after his demise) and his strategy was to always be on the attack and let others defend. One of his famous retorts when he was rampaging across Europe, when advised to hold up because it would take 3 divisions to take Trier?, he replied, ” Have taken Trier with 2 divisions and have passed it 30 miles. Do you want me to give it back?
    Spartacus #8
    On caution and victory. Reminds me of the interview of a British officer being asked why British officers wore red coats, and his reply, “It is so if we are hit the men will not see us bleeding and panic, and that sir is why the French officers always wear brown pants!”.

  • Danny Lemieux

    MikeD, you make an important point re. Congressional exemption.
    I engaged in some pretty heavy discussions with Liberals through FB recently and the one line that shut them up about Obamacare was, “If Obamacare is so great, then how come the Government Ruling Class went out of its way to exempt itself?”.
    There just is no response to that.

  • dustoffmom

    I am sick to death of the pundits and talking heads harping on and on that this is an exercise in futility, will never pass the Senate, President will always veto, whatever.  O’Reilley, I’m talking to you!  And you too Rove!!  Whether it is or isn’t, fails or not, I say hooray that at least they finally stood up and took a stand and forced the Dems hand!  DO SOMETHING!  Nothing will ever change if you continue to sit in the corner and whimper.

  • Ymarsakar

    Of course there is no response to their hypocrisy, Danny. When we poke them in the eye, finally, with this red hot coal spear, they will have no defense.
    But talk facts and watch the zombies stand up.

  • Mike Devx

    If Senate Republicans bond together and vote to defund ObamaCare – thus putting the Democrats and Obama on the spot – I may change my mind about them being spineless, worthless, and utterly without principles, and not worth supporting in any way for the foreseeable future.
    Conservatives *must* take on the Democrat machine and its Mainstream Media cabal.  You can lose a battle and still win the war.  Being the party of perpetual defeatniks will not win the war.  They must fight.  If they will not fight, they deserve to fade away, into the dustbin of history.

  • Ymarsakar

    “My guess is that many Democrats/Liberals (not Leftists, though) will react “as women scorned”…they will be flaming mad, as long as it can’t be hung on Republicans/conservatives.”
    I expect Democrats to be like the battered woman. She clings to her abuser even as others offer her protection. Because she herself, at some deep level, feels insecure without the relationship and needs stability, even if it is the stability of a beating per week.