Dolce & Gabbana finds inspiration in Depression-era musical

According to the headline, Dolce & Gabbana whose designers were convicted of tax evasion, confronted the issue head-on by dressing the models in their latest show in gold costumes festooned by giant coins:

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Color me unimpressed. Back in 1933, Warner Brothers did it better, and it had Ginger Rogers singing “We’re in the money” in Pig Latin.  Another nice touch is that the gals in the movie are smiling.

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  1. says

    Ever wonder what would happen if the pro American propagandists  from the good old days ever took the weapon against the Left’s cultural corruption?
    What could people do with modern technology if they wanted to condition and instruct youths on what a Good and Beautiful Life actually was?
    To the Left, being a rapist, serial killer, black thug, con artist, and corrupt gay prostitution Democrat ring leader is the Good Life. That’s a comparison people should really really think hard about.

  2. JKB says

    Great, so we’re only up to 1933 in our recovery?  
    Interesting how you could see Ginger Rogers have to really work to do the pig latin.  They showed her eyes but you could see it was mental work, then everything lighted up when she went back to English.  What is it, up and left is memory recall while down and right is indicative of making something up?
    Also, in light of Mily Cyrus, and perhaps I reveal to much, but why is a girl dancing with a giant coin covering her, uhm, bikini line, more provocative than one with a giant foam finger molesting herself?

  3. says

    “What is it, up and left is memory recall while down and right is indicative of making something up?”
    There may be a statistical preference, but it needs a profile to base it off. Meaning, a truth test is performed on the subject where the interrogators know what the lie and truth are. Then they observe the subject and see what their autonomic response is, then check the answer. Repeating this for various numbers of things while the subject is angry, afraid, sad, joyful will eliminate the emotional factors and pinpoint the “set” of autonomic movements that are key to a specific cause and effect.
    Which is another way of saying humans have individual variances, and often times the normal line doesn’t apply to certain people and their reactions.

  4. KellyM says

    “Gold Diggers of 1933″ is in my top 10 of favorite classic films. I’m a sucker for a snappy Busby Berkeley dance routine and the ones in this film are no exception. However, it’s worth watching the entire film for the tear-jerker final act called “The Forgotten Man”. Worth every moment.

  5. says

    KellyM:  “The Forgotten Man” is one of my favorite old Hollywood songs.  I’ve probably posted it here at least three times over the years. :)

    I also love “Shanghai Lil” from Footlight Parade, but that one doesn’t show up on YouTube.

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