A good man with a gun saves as many as 100 people at the mall in Nairobi

An armed former Royal Marine who happened to be in the Westgate Mall in Kenya when the Al-Shabab terrorists struck, may have saved as many as 100 people.

Former Royal Marine armed with gun saves lives

For all that liberals profess to think better of people than conservatives do, one of the most striking things about them is that they believe that, the moment people get hold of guns, they turn into crazed killers.  The vast majority of people, when given a gun, will use it only for good or, at the very least, not for bad.  Disarming them means that they are unable to come to anyone’s defense.

I don’t know if this Royal Marine fired his gun, or if he just used his other skills to rescue people.  Nevertheless, one has to wonder whether he would have been as effective if he didn’t have his friend at his waist.

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  • MacG

    I thought that too about firing his gun as I read the article.  It never said that he fired it.  Sometimes we conservatives read too much into an article such as this and pass it along to support our positions but it really does not.  That said however it was in his waistband and not in a holster so I am sure it was drawn to give himself cover if he should need it and hence an extra dose of bravery.  So it was instrumental in some sense but I am sure that a Royal Marine would have gone in unarmed regardless.

  • JKB

    No one can really know but in the majority of gun usage in self-defense, the gun is never fired.  Even more when its possession permits the individual to stand his ground with confidence he can defend himself, thus forcing the bad guy to test his courage.  
    Lawful gun usage by a non-state controlled individual is part and parcel evidence of the failure of the centralized government.  Instead of accepting that the State, no matter how large or intrusive, can’t be everywhere all the time, those who worship large government work to remove any lawful gun usage by non-state controlled individuals.    
    It is the same logic used in the British NHS to keep patient wait times down, they just leave them in the ambulance until they can hit the bureaucrat’s wait time window.  See those pesky long wait times for care are not documented.  

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Try this read out, Book. I agree with most of its points concerning why it is the Left thinks as they do concerning gun policies.
    It is not that they wish to control guns, there is different motive at work here. I mentioned before how WACO, SWAT team militarization training with none of the social controls, is proof that people don’t particularly care about gun control. Certainly not the ATF or Eric Holder. What they care about is people control. And this is why,.