• Ron19

    Wasn’t Seuss the chief god?

  • MacG

    Ron19 you’re thinking of Zeus. Seuss was his lesser known poetry slamming brother.

  • Ron19

    It’s not my fault; Bookworm made me do it!

  • http://furtheradventuresofindigored.blogspot.com/ Indigo Red

    Greek god, Zeus, has obtained a medical degree. Good for him. That’s tough to do with all the educational requirements and internships. After all the years of study and sleepless days and nights only to face a socialized medical system no longer rewarding the med students hard work, it’s no surprise Dr. Zeus turned to writing children’s books.

  • Charles Martel

    John Phillip Zeusa was probably one of the greatest band leaders to precede Lawrence Welk.

  • lee

    Zeusical, the Musical…
    With Mandy Patinking as Zeus,  Debra Messing as Hera, Alan Cumming as Poseiden, Zacahry Quinto as Haephestus, Neil Patrick Harris as Apollo, and Kristin Chenowith as Aphrodite!
    Spend a star-studded night on Broadway with the Greek Gods themselves! Enjoy the biggest hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as they rock Mt. Olympus! “Thunder Road”~”Love is a Battlefield”~”Working for a Living”~”Octupus’s Garden”~”Walking on Sunshine”~ AND MANY MORE!!!!
    From the same people who brought you “Andersonville! The Muscial!”