Just Because Music: Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out”

This is one of those incredibly evocative songs for me.  I can remember being at the old Stonestown Mall in San Francisco, before they built a generic monstrosity.  I was in a record store (you remember those) and I just felt so happy to be there, right then, with this song playing in the background:

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  • 94Corvette

    I have been a devoted Joe Jackson follower for a very long time and throughout his career he has shown the ability to make intelligent music.  The entire ‘Night & Day’ album is a treasure and this song is especially good.  His subtle wordplay is fun and there are more hooks in it than in a Bass Pro Shop. 
    When you explore his catalog, prepare to find everything from symphonic masterpieces to punk rock.  Thanks Book for including this clip.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    My pleasure.  This is just a lovely song about joy and romance.  He is talented.