1. says

    Also Republicans and other social conservatives have been absolutely clueless for a long time over what exactly the source is. They had all these interpretations and theories, almost none of them accurate, on what was the problem.
    Basically they had no clue what the problem was because They Kept BLaming Individuals. Remember Personal Responsibility?
    Now apply it to the slave plantations of the Left and talk about a slave’s personal responsibility to work better. Just do it.
    Personal responsibility is only a virtue when it comes to liberty societies. When you cross the veil into a slave society, like Hollywood on Cyrus, personal responsibility is no longer a virtue but a way of offloading your personal evils unto someone else. Cyrus is responsible. Cyrus did this or did that. Democrat blacks did this or that, they need to pull themselves from their bootstraps. Slaves on Democrat plantations need to speak up and get their families back from the slave sellers.
    Meanwhile. the self righteous folks never gave an ounce of power to the people they lectured. What is personal responsibility when you are kept as a sex slave by Hollywood so they can make money off of your body? What is personal responsibility when you can’t break the shackles that bind you to your slave lord?
    Before Republicans or conservatives open their mouth and talk about the responsibility of one soul to itself, they should consider the value of liberty and power first. Those too lazy to try to free slaves, need to shut their mouths when it comes to lecturing slaves on what they should be doing with their life.

  2. Charles Martel says

    “What is personal responsibility when you are kept as a sex slave by Hollywood so they can make money off of your body?”
    Orwell anticipated this in 1984, and Stockholm Syndrome cemented the reality: Slaves convince themselves that they are not slaves, and begin to sing the praises of Big Brother, or Islam, or Obama, or their own whims and urges. Yes, as Book says, Cyrus is making money, but cannot see how much she is degrading herself in the process. Her thralldom closes her heart and mind to the concepts of dignity, temperance, logic, modesty, and gratitude.

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