• roylofquist

    Old Scratch struck out with the carpenter but hit pay dirt with the camel driver.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    “If you are not a criminal then why are you afraid of Sharia?”
    Oh dear.

  • https://picasaweb.google.com/102427392960537405774 Kevin_B

    Being a Belgian, I guess I should probably comment on this, right?
    First of all, I couldn’t view the clip to the end, this guy just drives me nuts and I can’t stand hearing him. But I think I’m familiar enough with his opinions and preaching and with his organization to speak on the subject.
    The bearded muslim guy in the video is Fouad Belkacem also known as Abu Imran, of Moroccon origen but with the Belgian nationality. He is the leader of a group called Sharia4Belgium – or at least, he used to be, as the organization is publicly said to be disbanded, although almost certainly it is still operating in a more subversive way. Abu Imran himself is currently doing jailtime for preaching hatred towards non-muslims and is also under investigation for the recruiting of fighters for the war in Syria. 
    It is not his first contact with the police and the Belgian juidicial system. In fact, before he became an islamic hate preacher and purveyor of the ‘real islam’, he was a typical piece of young Moroccon scum, in other words, a criminal. Belkacem/Imran has a criminal record almost the size of his beloved Quran. Fourteen convictions for (severe) traffic violations, misrepresentation, tax fraud and fraud with vehicle registration documents in the period he owned a second-hand car retail business, theft, burglary, making threats, resisting arrest, slandering the police, assault and battery, vandalism and damage to public and private property, drug-related offenses, preaching hatred against non-muslims, it goes on and on. In Morocco, Belkacem still has a 10-year sentence standing for drug-related crimes.
    Just goes to show that this guy was a criminal before he started preaching sharia law, islam dominating the world and supporting terrorism. And he still is a criminal after he got completely sucked into the islamic darkness. Of course, there is no incompatibility between being a good, “radical”, or better, true, muslim and being a hardcore, badass criminal. As long your crimes are directed towards infidels. If I’m not mistaken, Belkacem has committed at least some crimes that may even be capital crimes under sharia law, but most of his crimes would be completely fine by sharia and by allah, as the victims are infidels. And sharia law allows basically everything to be done towards infidels.
    This guy is nuts, he is firmly in the realm of lunacy – but, be not mistaken, very dangerous lunacy. He is extremely dangerous and so is his organization, whether it is operating openly in the streets of Antwerp, Mechelen and Brussels or on trains, as Sharia4Belgium used to do during their “street dawahs”, or they be operating underground and in the backrooms of our society. The facts that several of the ‘big fish’ of Sharia4Belgium hve been involved in recruiting warriors of Syria, that several of them have themselves gone to Syria, that a few of these warriors and leaders have since been killed, and last but not least the discovery of a clip on the internet showing muslim guys, speaking in what is clearly ‘Flemish Dutch’, being involved in a beheading of a Shia muslim in Syria, go to show that these guys are nuts in the most dangerous way. Awareness of the presence of these groups and individuals in society is important. It is also important they be stopped.
    Last but not least, we should not allow ourselves to be deceived that what these guys are doing is not real islam. It is, and they are making it very clear. 

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Easier for me to call Islam a different species of Leftist ideology.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    One of the funnier things is that Islam is rated as a better ideology in my view than the Left. Since a lot of the reasons they hate Leftists and Western culture, is shared by me.
    The thing is, if the world ever runs out of Leftists to kill, I wouldn’t ally with Islam either before or after. Islam, which can be at times just as dishonest as the Left, but also isn’t afraid of declaring their ideological end goals, is still better than the cowardly Leftist alliance.
    That, perhaps, should give people a view into my scales of justice and what I really think of the Left.
    Also, Muslims being allies of the Left, not doing Muslims any favors in my eyes. It’s not like we won’t pull the trigger on them after the Left is eliminated.