Leftists don’t believe in the constitution and they’re pretty sure a Democrat-run federal government is the People’s master, not their servant

Here’s the thing that the progressives in media and government want to hide from you: The federal government is America’s servant, not its master. This means that the National Park Service is a caretaker, not an owner. To the extent it is denying people access to outdoor monuments (including blocking the roadside vista points from which drivers can see Mt. Rushmore), it is grossly overstepping its bounds.

Barrycades blocking roadside viewpoints of Mt. Rushmore

Barrycades blocking roadside viewpoints of Mt. Rushmore

While the Mt. Rushmore barrycades are the most graphic example of the federal government’s failure to understand that it is the American people’s employee, the most disgusting example is the way the National Park Service has spent tens of thousands of dollars (during a shutdown) to barricade the World War II Memorial, an open air park, in Washington, D.C. The purpose is to prevent members of the World War II generation, sometimes called “the Greatest Generation,” from having access to a memorial honoring their courage and their dead during the battles across Europe, the Pacific, and the Mediterranean during World War II.

Veterans ignoring the NPS power play and visiting WWII memorial

Veterans ignoring the NPS power play and visiting WWII memorial

Those men and women from the Greatest Generation who are still living have overcome enormous physical, financial, and emotional challenges to visit their monument – a monument built to honor them and their comrades, and that sits on public land that the American people have allowed the federal government to care for. And what does the caretaker do? In a grotesque example of spite, it uses its power – the power we gave it – to block the veterans. No wonder the men who stormed Iwo Jima and fought the Battle of the Bulge, even though they’re in their 80s and 90s, thought nothing of storming Obama’s barrycades.

And speaking of the World War II memorial serving as an example of the federal government’s arrogant overreach and cruelty, HBO’s Bill Maher is the poster child for the arrogant viciousness behind that attitude:

The other thing that apparently was so important for the Republicans to keep open was the World War II Memorial in Washington. That was closed, so a bunch of the World War II vets knocked down the barriers and stormed it.

And then I loved this, they posed for pictures with Michele Bachmann who showed up. Michele Bachmann, one of the people most responsible for shutting the fucking thing down. They’re the greatest generation – nobody said they were the brightest generation.

This is not only cruel, but it’s a gross misstatement of what’s going on: Republicans in the House, exercising their constitutionally granted “power of the purse,” have offered repeatedly to fund every aspect of the federal government except for Obamacare. (Incidentally, Obamacare’s opening days have proven that it is not ready for prime time and may never be.) Democrats from Obama on down have responded by refusing to fund the government and by trying to bludgeon the American people into thinking that the House’s constitutional conduct is somehow “illegal.”

In a perfect world, people all across America would engage in massive civil disobedience by doing such radical things as viewing Mt. Rushmore, standing at the stone-carved feet of Lincoln and Jefferson as they sit in stately dignity in their memorials, touching the names carved into the Vietnam Wall, and walking onto through, around, and over the outdoor World War II Memorial. The Democrats running the federal government need to be reminded that this land is our land, it is not their land.

(This post  first appeared in somewhat modifed form at Mr. Conservative.)

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  • Oldflyer

    Maher revels in his stupidity.   The “Greatest Generation”  (coined by a media Poobah of course; they never called themselves that)  came back from WWII, went to college, often the first in their families to do so, and proceeded to put the first man on the moon in less than 25 years.  Most of the technological advances we enjoy today were set in motion by that generation.  Unfortunately, as depression children and WWII vets, they also wanted their children to “have it better”.  So they spawned a generation that is overly populated with spoiled brats.
    There used to be standards for language on the public airways.  So-called civil libertarians found them objectionable, so now we seemingly have none.  Maher, and other too clever folks with limited vocabularies, are unleashed.  Some think it is so clever when his like use vulgar language; strangely, they would not be amused by the same language coming out of a biker bar.  Well, given the quality of TV and movies today, maybe they would.  Cutting edge, very clever, you know.
    I know, you don’t have to subscribe to HBO, and I don’t. It evidently doesn’t bother subscribers when the innocent ears in their homes are exposed.

  • Mike Devx

    Book, you are exactly right.  Government employees are our servants, not our masters.  They may shut down, to the extent of locking doors and going home, but they may not close off access to free public areas.
    But they are shutting off access to free public areas.  Because they believe they are our masters, not our servants.  And they are going to SHOW us how pissed off they are.
    It’s significant that the elder generations, who grew up freer, were the first to take a look at Obama Shutdown Theatre Antics, and say, “Wha the Fu?  Hell, NO!”  And proceed to reclaim their rights.
    How much have the rest of us been subtly programmed into being our government masters’ servants?  They do it subtly most of the time, but they are blatantly out in the open right now, tipping their hand.  How willing are all the rest of us to say, “Wha The Fu?  Hell, NO!”
    I wonder if they’ve miscalculated and overplayed their hand.  Sixties Hippies and sixties college students aren’t the only ones who can get caught up in a nationwide cultural campaign of civil disobedience.

  • Charles Martel

    Inquiring minds demand to know: Where are the big, bwave, badass protestors from Occupy Wall Street? C’mon you intrepid freedom fighters, here are barricades galore to rape and defecate on!

  • Caped Crusader

    To paraphrase old SC senator Fritz Hollings:
    “Dares just too much overlookin’ been going on out dare”.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Boy, will Mayer be surprised when he sees his name on the list, post war.