• DL Sly

    Nice form, but in theory she should be closer so the instep/top of ankle is making contact with the *target area* thereby giving her greater striking force and better driving ability during the follow through as she rotates her hips.

  • Generally speaking, those without conditioning should not be kicking with the part of the foot they don’t stand on. So unless the top of your foot can hold up your entire weight or someone else’s foot standing on it, it’ll generally break once it hits a hard surface.
    The shins are better suited, but still not great. The parts of the foot where you place your body weight is the most stable and the most biologically suited for handling immense forces, either towards or reflected from a target.
    The issue with the groin is generally that it’s rather high, above knees, and so the points of access are not as free as other targets. The classic groin kick utilizes downward gravity of the torso to prevent the groin from escaping and absorbing the incoming force. Thus it doesn’t take much at that configuration to apply damage.
    Btw, groin kicks also are effective against women, since anatomically there are similar organs, blood vessels, and nerves in the area that can be shocked. Although to affect them, requires more than merely a light kick against the external surface. The culture stereotypes one form of it, but for women they should realize that attacking puts them in just as vulnerable a position as the male is in. Even if the untrained don’t know how to take advantage of it due to mass cultural brainwashing.

  • Danny Lemieux

    She could follow-up with “I blow my nose at you and fart in your general direction, silly knigget!”
    That covers Biden and Obama. A two-fer.

  • Wolf Howling

    That is a technique I have been advocating for years for a variety of leftist obscenities, not the least of which is voting for Obama.  The part that the creator of the graphic left off was “Repeat continuously until the guilty party experiences an epiphany.”

  • While Wolf Howling’s method may not be the one I favor for shock and awe, it may indeed be effective.
    After all, shock therapy and learning through pain were always things the ancients favored. Though the shock back then was emotional and spiritual shock, not electricity.

  • MacG
  • Danny Lemieux

    B-b-b-b-but what if you are trying to find the “target” to kick and the Liberal doesn’t have any?