Time to Alinsky Obama, the Democrats, and the federal bureaucracy

When I was down in the doldrums the other day, a dear friend sent me a pep-talk email.  Her point was the same that jj made in a comment:  We have to seize the momentum now to reveal Obama, the Democrats, and the federal bureaucracy for what they are.

Democrats are handing us ammunition on a platter — and, while we do not control the mainstream media, we have Fox News, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and email to get our message out.  Moreover, the best messaging we can do is the type that Saul Alinsky urged on his followers:  Target, personalize, ridicule, and never let up.

My friend suggested calling Obama names consistent with his behavior:

President Petulant
President I’ll Hold my Breath til I Turn Blue
President Stompie Foot
President Picks on Geriatric WWII Heroes
President Hypocrite
President Negotiates with Iran, not America
President I really really hate Republicans
President Totalitarian
President El Presidente
President Iran can have the bomb, the real enemy is Republicans
President I hate half the country I lead
President Laughing Stock
President Fundamentally transforming America down the toilet
President Red Lines for Congress, not Syria
President Liar Liar Pants on Fire
President Temper Tantrum

I thought a couple of motivational posters might not be amiss.  You can make your own and spread them through social networking here.  If you like, I’ll also happily include at this blog any motivational posters you make.  Keep them clean, though, both because I run a clean blog and because obscenity and threats debase us, while wit, snark, sarcasm, and humor elevate us and make our message more memorable.

All your land are belong to us

Sir, you are recreating

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  • snopercod

    Absolutely! Why the republicans haven’t deployed Alinsky Rule No. 12 on Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell is beyond me. She’s ultimately responsible for all the National Park shutdowns.

  • Libby

    I like “Spite House” for the White House and “Barrycades.”

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Personalize and targeting, yes. Just remember that generalizing everyone on their side as the same has potentially severe counter productive side effects in the long term.
    It’s important to stoke up emotional determination against evil. I understand and agree with that. But do not get to the point where the creators of the msg for our side starts believing in their own propaganda. The targeting is not to label entire enemy organizations as evil to be destroyed. The Left didn’t come out in 1950s and say ‘we’re going to round up all Americans and make them Obey’. Even now they couldn’t do it even if they wanted to. They target selective individuals, like assassination, in order to acquire key tactical and strategic victories, which equal winning in the long run.
    The targeting is so that the weak hearted, the semi loyalists, the people who are just obeying orders to pay for the food on their family’s table, can tell themselves that they can surrender to us, defect to us, and we won’t treat them the same as we treat war criminals or Obama. There has to be a belief on their end that we know the difference. And the only way to inculcate this belief is to force your allies to talk in the same way, and not generalize entire factions of the enemy alliance as being one thing that is all the same.
    They have to know that we recognize that some of them are different and able to atone or defect. They have to know that we won’t treat all of them the way we treated X, Y, or Z that we personally singled out for personal destruction (Alinsky style).
    If you make this attempt, and most of them like the enemy more than us, then you can pull the trigger without guilt. But at least make the attempt. Even if you think it’ll fail before hand. Because it might not fail.
    Those who control our side’s information networks and public morale, will have a key role to play in the beginning. If even they start to forget that the enemy isn’t a monolith and tries to fight ALL of them, I doubt we will get very far strategically, given our limited resources and time.
    Islam is even now, gaining ground in Europe and will soon have control of Europe’s full nuclear stockpiles and delivery systems. Imagine if we are still fighting Obamacans at that time, imagine if we are still weakened from having to fight All of Them at that time.
    Strategy isn’t about winning a few battles here or there. It’s about the long view. People need to start thinking first, instead of reacting emotionally to whatever the Left spews out. Reacting to the enemy all the time makes for a very predictable, and Dead, target.

  • who me

    How about this for a name: Duh Um President. Say it fast and it sound like ‘dumb’.
    Actually, I usually just call him BO or the ‘occupier in the WH’, both of which delegitimize his position. Continually referring to him as ‘President’ when there is nothing he has done that remotely reflects what should be an honorable position, is more effective.
    I’m not sure we should be disparaging the office, demeaning it by referring to BO as President. I’m 99.9% sure he won his second term through voter fraud, even though no one really checked if there was any algorithmic vote swapping recorded on the machines. I read comments in a lot of other blogs where people raise concerns about his winning through fraud. Even Townhall wrote a piece on the likelyhood of fraud.
    Plus, if the Constitution had been adhered to, there is no way he could have even been proposed as a candidate since he is not a natural born citizen. I know there is plenty of argument as to what that means, but there is no doubt in many’s minds that a potential candidate must be born to two citizen parents. I don’t remember the exact quote, but Thomas Jefferson said that if you want to understand what the Framers meant in any part of the Constitution all you have to do is read the notes taken at the convention.
    There’s Madison’s notes:
    And Elliot’s Debates:
    We also have the Federalist Papers to look back to. There is absolutely no reason for either Congress or SCOTUS to not know what is meant by any part of our Constitution. And there’s really no reason for the claimed ‘Constitutional Scholar’ to not know what it all means, either, unless he truly is a usurper.

  • JKB

    Non-Party members may not recreate in the People’s parks
    – By order of the Obama

  • Robert Arvanitis

    Courtesy of James Taranto at the Wall Street Journal — “President Asterisk.
    Because he cheated (IRS scandal) to win, suppressing voters.
    And abusing Americans with the power of government bureaucracy is far, far worse than abusing one’s own body with steroids.

  • lee

    I missed that Townhall article way back when it first appeared. I have maintained that Indiana only went for Obama n 2008 through fraud. Lake and Marion counties had HUGE allegations of fraud (Marion County had 105% of elgible people registered to vote.) Obama won Indiana by a margin LESS than 5% of Marion and Lake county voters that were very likely fraudulant. (Did that make sense? The Won took Indiana in 2008 by 28,391 votes. The number of people registered in Marion County were 677,401, and an estimated 644,197 were actually eligible, a difference of 33,204. And that doesn’t even include the numbers from Lake County!
    We also know that it is highly likely that the Won stole the primary, too. It was alleged that in the caucus states (where, surprise, surprise, the Won did very well) that people received ballots with ONLY the Won’s name on it, and that there were MANY, MANY other irregularities.
    Almost NOTHING was done between 2008 and 2012 to help with the integrity of the election, and not much more since. I don’t have a lot of faith in the 2016. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Won wins a third term…

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Of course the votes were fake. Did anyone that wasn’t a zombie, think otherwise? Democrats have won a number of elections through fake votes.
    That’s why I don’t blame or speak out against Republicans that stayed home and didn’t vote. Even if they did vote, it wouldn’t have mattered. X fake votes would have been created to compensate.

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  • Caped Crusader

    President Snollygoster dictionary.com word of the day — fits perfectly

  • http://furtheradventuresofindigored.blogspot.com/ Indigo Red

    A few weeks ago, I got a Facebook friend request from a woman I grew up with and attended every grade in school with. She graduated HS early and was lost to all those friends for several decades. Of course, I accepted, and we had some good exchanges.
    Earlier this week, she left a comment to one of my FB posts about how I was referring to Pres Obama*. Each time we learned of another indignity perpetrated by the Chief Executive, I would write a short line about what it was that was closed to the citizens and finish with “by order of the spiteful, silly, little man in the White House.”
    She threatened me with, “If you don’t stop, I will unfriend you.” Having known her as a rabid liberal all our lives, and her mother a hair’s breadth from card carrying Communist, I was expecting to be unfriended sometime. Not much of a threat really. I’ve been unfriended several times each time by an irate Liberal.
    Others started using “silly, little man in the WH” with different adjectives, but the one that stuck was spiteful. Pres Asterisk is a spiteful, silly, little man.