Watcher’s Council winners for shutdown week 1 (October 4, 2013)

I was about to say “and the winners are . . .” but I first want to remind you to check out the former, which asks Council members to talk about whether political differences affect their family lives.  Okay, now we ready:

And the winners are:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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  1. Katja says

    Thinking about the question posed to the Council:
    In my experience, coming from Chicago, everyone just assumes the other is a Democrat unless someone really makes an effort to “out” themselves.  In a way it’s funny too, because there are many of them that aren’t ideologues, and they disagree mightily with stuff that is going on, but because they generally don’t want to think about politics, and all “not crazy” people vote Democrat, they continue to do so as well.  The trick then tends to be to try to use the rational sense that they have to gently point out that there may be other options (then again, in Chicago, there often is not!)
    In my own family, one of my cousins went off the Obama-worshipping deep end.  (Then again, what should I expect, being as she grew up around the Madison, WI area.)  In any case, it’s really put a wedge in family relations because while I used to be close to them, one of her friends threatened me on Facebook b/c he disagreed with me politically, and she took his side because it would have hurt her that badly to admit that her “friends” are wackos.  (Then again, she’s also the person who started screaming at me about how terrible it is to have any limits on abortion – as I was in the hospital having just given birth!)  Now that my grandmother has died, I really don’t want to have anything to do with almost anyone on that side of the family – including my mom and sister – because nobody else is going to say a peep to them in the name of “family harmony” or something.  

  2. says

    They’re so angry, aren’t they?  We want to talk about issues, and things like cause and effect, which apply whether you’re talking national security or the economy or border control.  They want to call you evil and crazy. 

    They’re like the extreme version of that old saying:  “When you have the law, argue the law; when you have the facts, argue the facts; when you have neither facts nor law, pound the table.”  Except that progressives don’t pound the table, they almost physically try to pound you.

  3. says

    There comes a time that people will want to gain resistance to the life/emotional vampires around them, sucking out their will to live.
    One method is to achieve enlightenment on a mountain, fasting/meditating/praying/thinking, without any human around, for weeks at a time.
    Another method is to skirt the thin line of life and death, to achieve a greater wisdom and perspective on human conditions and flaws.
    Another method is to dehumanize the people talking to you, not just pretending but sincerely believing that a dog is just barking at you and you can eliminate it or ignore it if you so wish. Humans only care about being hated and being called evil by other humans. I, don’t particularly care if a dog calls me evil or if a internet bot thinks I’m evil or a war monger or someone who lacks essential social qualities.
    The more you come to understand humanity and human society, though, the more the temptation there is to hate and despise such weak sauce existences. The Japanese have explored this concept very thoroughly, even in their media designed for kids. The Undying CYcle of Hate and Vengeance, in other words. Violence begets violence, and so it will be with the Left.

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