George Will says that an extremely temperate proposal from RINO Sen. Susan Collins reveals which party is irrational (hint: it starts with a “D”)

George Will has made a very important point here about Democrat hubris.  Sen. Susan Collins, as mushy a Republican as one could ever find, made a proposal that gives Democrats everything they want, including relieving them from the political embarrassment of the “medical device tax,” which even they dislike.  Flush with poll power, however, since Republicans have dropped lower in the polls than Democrats, Democrats refused even to contemplate this offer.  They’re now demanding that, in addition to getting everything they asked for in September, the sequester must also go away, so that they can spend even more.

The problem now is twofold:  (1) How to get Republican politicians and talking heads to capitalize on the Democrats’ hubris; and (2) how to explain this somewhat complex procedural maneuvering to the average voter.  George Will’s article is excellent, but it’s not a sound bite and, while it gets electronic and page space in the Washington Post, it’s not the kind of thing that goes viral on Facebook.

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    Give a hand and they want the whole arm. The Republicans should just give’em the finger.  Sorry, I am really cranky today. Spent too much time on FB trying to explain reality to the dreamers. Maybe it’s time for the progressives to start explaining how their plans are so #%&! fabulous.

  • Ymarsakar

    D stands for what again… demon?

  • Caped Crusader

    There is an old country song about hanging out with a better class of losers, and I feel that is the way many feel currently. The Republican Party is breathtaking in its ability to present a profound, effective, coherent, simple message to the voters. I read recently that the REAL TOTAL indebtedness state, local, and federal was 180 TRILLION, and we have NO chance of paying this off, since according to my calculations this is $600,00 for every soul in America. The Republicans should address this daily, every one; and ask how the other party plans to fix this problem. Instead they play defense only. Very few understand that “Quantitative Easing” is another form of taxation by making your money more worthless, and with it we are buying our own worthless bonds. The very name sounds like a very uncomfortable suppository one must take, and the Dems are delighting in sticking a new one in Uncle Sam who really is not constipated, but whose bowels are locked in the open position spreading money everywhere.

  • Ymarsakar

    They plan on paying it back by printing 18 trillion more to pay the 18t off.

  • Caped Crusader

    That should be inability Why is it so hard to see your mistakes when proof reading?

  • Spartacus

    Well, the Israelis have to deal with the Palestinians.  The Palestinians have a history of, in no particular order: despising those not like them, and believing that they should officially be a lower and subservient class; despising republicanism, democracy, and western civ in general; rejecting the traditional, nuclear family; breaking their agreements; nurturing a culture of death; and dressing in white sheets.  Furthermore, having been offered pretty much everything they claimed to want in exchange for a “settlement” or “peace,” they rejected it in favor of continued conflict.
    Aren’t you glad we don’t have to deal with any groups like that in this country?

  • Ymarsakar

    Why is it so hard to see your mistakes when proof reading?
    Because every individual has quirks and habits, which are self biased in terms of “correct” vs “incorrect”. That is why writers need editors, since a writer can re read his own stuff but he usually can’t catch all the errors. A good editor can catch 99% of errors, of any type in one read through. But only when he reads another person’s writing.
    Essentially, most humans construct their own idea of right and wrong, and apply it to the world they live in. Subtly changing the perceptions they receive from the world, to conform to a pre thought out pattern or concept.