Michelle Obama’s disappearing act . . . and weeds in her garden

Two news reports today that offer a problem and a solution.

Story 1:  Michelle Obama has vanished from the scene during the shutdown.  Without her ginormous staff, and without TV cameras aimed at her, she’s idle and useless.

Story 2:  Michelle Obama’s White House garden is going to rack and ruin, since the paid staff isn’t caring for it.  This is a waste of good food stock.

Solution:  Why doesn’t Michelle Obama take her forced down time and weed her garden?

I look forward to your answers to my simple question.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    They expect second class citizens, immigrants, to do their dirty work.
    Wait until you see their shock corps in action, Book. You’ll be surprised.

  • beefrank

    Would she know how to work a hoe or a spade?  I read the source article in Obama Foodorama and this ‘garden’ is similar in quality and maintenance to a botanical garden requiring professional care and costs.  It is all for show where less than perfect plants are not cared for, as in a ‘working’ garden, but uprooted and replaced with adult plants from a professional nursery.  There is even a photo of the garden security cameras and sensors.

  • Libby

    Did she have any gardening experience prior to entering the White House? I honestly doubt she would know what to do.
    We know that her signature “Let’s Move” program/school lunch micromanagement was actually cribbed from a Center for American Progress policy paper. I imagine the garden is the same thing – smoke and mirrors for a woman who, prior to becoming FLOTUS, didn’t have any causes or do any charitable work.

  • beefrank
  • Danny Lemieux

    I think her husband called it: “There’s something about Washington in August or September where everyone gets all wee-weed up”

  • JKB

    beefrank, hit on the best.  You gotta click thru to the original post.  It is high tragi-comedy.  Don’t miss the specific hire of the organic vegetable farmer onto the government payroll to keep this boondoggle up.
    Libby, no experience by Michele is required.  She doesn’t work the garden.  A cadre of federal employees do the work and she shows up for a couple photo ops each year.  I wonder how much a tomato out of that garden costs to produce.  They donate a lot of it but those tomatoes probably cost their weight in gold with so many high paid government employees involved in the process.  
    This “vegucation” showcase is a living example of Progressive cluelessness.  No concept of costs, no concept of nature.  
    But let us wait to see how long before the fox that has invaded the White House grounds is arrested on charges of espionage for leaking secrets to Fox?  Question is, is the fox under NSA surveillance?

  • Spartacus

    “Without her ginormous staff, and without TV cameras aimed at her, she’s idle and useless.”
    You are very kind to imply that with her ginormous staff and TV cameras aimed at her, she achieves some useful purpose.
    Doggone, I miss Bess Truman.

  • Charles Martel

    What Michelle needs to do is hire the best available non-white topiarist to turn her garden into a living recreation of a peasant’s hut. This would give the oppressed topiarist work, amaze America with her splendidly fanciful imagination, and secretly flip off conservatives by evoking a certain Versailles-based, Austrian-born, 18th-century queen who pretty much could spend however much she wanted on whatever she wanted.
    Until her head went missing.

  • jj

    Right you are, Spartacus,: with her enormous (can’t do the idiot “ginormous,” sorry) staff and TV cameras aimed at her she’s useless too, so I’m compelled to conclude “useless” is it.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Marie Antoinette had a similar “faux farm” on the edge of her palace at Versailles, where she could pretend to be one with the peasantry. It served the same purpose and was just about as useful as Michelle’s.


    The state of the White House garden is a metaphor for the White House occupants – overgrown hubris. They should have been pruned, plucked and replanted elsewhere in the fall of 2012.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Marie Antoinette was a better person than Barack or Michelle.

  • Charles Martel

    Ymarsakar, she was certainly a better gardener.

  • Gringo

    Solution:  Why doesn’t Michelle Obama take her forced down time and weed her garden?
    Gardening is not a skill I associate with growing up on the South Side of Chicago. Nor did the FLOTUS learn any gardening skills  at Princeton or at Harvard Law. Gardening skills are something associated with bitter clingers. As the POTUS and the FLOTUS would say, “not our kind of people.”
    Doggone, I miss Bess Truman.
    One never heard Bess Truman saying that for the first time in her adult life she was really proud of her country. Given the way that Michelle Obama has  had of saying things that infuriate  a lot of the electorate, the best use of her time would be weeding the garden. All year long. Even in the snow.
    Because Bess Truman didn’t like living in the White House fish bowl, she spent a lot of her husband’s Presidential term back home in Independence. That decision distressed Harry, but he soldiered through, writing Bess daily.
    First Ladies tend to focus on things that nearly everyone can support. Lady Bird- highway beautification. Laura Bush- libraries and reading- news of which apparently escaped the attention of Sir Paul McCartney. As such, positive views of First Ladies tend to widely cross partisan lines. Because Michelle Obama has at times been a very  partisan supporter of the most partisan President in my lifetime, there is a wide swath of the public that has a negative opinion of her.

  • beefrank

    Of course, what would you expect from a FLOTUS who admits if she can be someone else, it would be Beyonce.