Monday morning flotsam and jetsam

When it comes to my cold, I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  Whew!  I’m hoping to be up to full blogging speed soon but, in the meanwhile, here are things I found when doing my usual morning reading rounds:

This is a marvelous paragraph from Karen McQuillan’s generally marvelous article about Obamacare’s failures:

People with common sense and reality-based principles — in a word, conservatives — understand that government programs are by definition political. Politicians and bureaucrats are not personally accountable for failure, as in the private sector, so failure is acceptable to them. Cost overruns, fraud, and poor service are the norm in government programs for a reason.

Randall Hoven, who treats numbers with respect, says that the RINOs who blame the Tea Party for the Republicans’ failure to hold a Senate majority are delusional.  In fact, the Tea Party did wonderful things for Republicans.

Charles C. W. Cooke, who is rapidly becoming one of my favorite writers, chimes in with a Tea Party defense too.

If you want a nice, tidy run-down of the Obamacare exchange’s disastrous debut, John Fund has got it for you.

Roger Simon thinks that Obamacare will defund itself very quickly as healthy young people refuse to buy insurance.  That brings up two points.  The first, of course, is whether Republicans have a plan so that Dems don’t use the system’s inevitable collapse as a gateway to socialized medicine.  The second is whether Obamacare changed the law requiring emergency rooms to treat all-comers?  I don’t believe it did.  As the numbers of uninsured grows, rather than decreases, under Obamacare, what’s going to happen to hospitals?

Victor Davis Hanson sees a lot of economic problems on the horizon for the Democrats.  Of course, to the extent that these are problems for America, too, let’s hope that the Republicans have a plan.  My unhappy feeling is that, as long as the John McCain caucus remains, the only plan the GOP has is to get rid of Ted Cruz.

The AP isn’t feeling the love for Obama the way it used to.  Perhaps that’s because Obama spied on it.  In any event, one AP reporter is complaining that the White House is stonewalling about Obamacare enrollment numbers.  Hmmm.  I wonder why?

How bad are the Obamacare exchanges?  So bad that the Consumer Reports advice column is downright nasty and ultimately tells people to stay away from the exchanges.

The Obama administration brings Chicago-style shakedowns to Wall Street.  The implications are definitely worrisome, but I’d feel more sorry for Wall Street if it hadn’t eagerly gotten into bed with Obama once he became president.  Lie down with political dogs and it’s not that you get up with fleas, it’s that they savage you and leave your gnawed carcass in the gutter.

Do you have anything to add?

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  • Michael Adams

    It would appear that I have never introduced you to my friend Cold Eze. I am terribly sorry.  The not-so-great tasting hard candies with zinc gluconate in them, taken at the first sign of a cold, will run a cold right out of town. I combine it with hot steam, from a kettle on the stove or an old fashioned vaporizer, towel on head, clock set for twenty minutes, because everyone tries to wimp out at three minutes. Most cold viruses are heat sensitive, and the steam does a number on them, plus the dilated blood vessel bring more blood and therefore more immunity to the region. I work with kids, AKA Germ Farmers, and they are on ventilators, besides, so they are fragile.  Even if I get a cold from them, I am ethically bound to avoid contact, because we can never be absolutely sure that the cold I got is one that they had,so it is in my economic interest to keep the snot out of my nose and my life. Cold Eze, my friend, Cold Eze!
    BTW, it is too late for you, t his time. It only works if it is  started in the first twenty four hours. Buy some now, though, and keep it on hand. Kids and husband will curse the taste and thank you for the miracle drug. Steam and chicken soup, however, will still help to dilute mucous and improve the symptoms. Sorry you are so sick.  Do get well. You understand, I would  not be a nurse of I did not have a superabundance of empathy.

  • JKB

    Obama refers everyone to use the 800 number for Obamacare.  
    Big Government: The Farce
    If you can get in the call center queue, the menu tells you to use the website.  
    Why do I see this as a Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin short?  
    Remember, boys and girls, this wasn’t some sideline activity, this was the top of the line, full force of the Oval office, signature program of Big Government.  

  • Charles Martel

    As Glenn Reynolds on Instapundit constantly reassures us, “The country is in the very best of hands.”

  • Michael Adams

    Although  Li’l Abner ostensibly made fun of the South and Southerners, we in the South loved it. The Broadway musical based on the comic strip contains the song, “The Country’s in the very Best of Hands.” My wife and I both first came to despise Soetero, before we knew much of his beliefs or proposals, because his phony Black talk sounded like the Southern politicians we so loved to hate, (the fictional Senator Fogbound)Johnson, Long, et al. “Liberals” all, they voted against cloture that would have allowed the Civil Rights bill to come to the Senate floor. Oh yeah, the country’s in the very best of hands.

  • Spartacus

    As the president helpfully explained today, the system isn’t broken, it’s just resting.  And pining for the fjords of Norway.

  • Ymarsakar

    CM, I don’t think that’s a reassurance.

  • Charles Martel

    Spartacus! LOL!!

  • Navy Bob

    As further proof this thing is unworkable do what I did and look up to see what the AFA will cost you and what, if any, subsidy you will get.  Go to (Kaiser family foundation) and fill out their subsidy calculator.  I used my  California zip code, said I was 50 years old with just the two of us non-smokers in the house. My premium would be $11,032 a year. I put in a lot of hypothetical numbers, changing my age and family income and come up with this interesting fact.  If I am 50 years old and make $62,040 a year my subsidy is $5,142 a year. making my cost for this $11K policy $5,890 (they only have data for the silver plan) But if I earn another $10 next year my income will be $60,050 and the subsidy goes to zero, I pay the entire $11,032.  What idiot designed this? What a disincentive. 

  • Bookworm

    That’s fascinating, Navy Bob. It also gives me something of an answer to this link a liberal friend sent me, clearly believing that it dealt a death blow to my anti-Obamacare stance: