Colorado tries to sell Obamacare by using drunks

It seems that excessive alcohol consumption is the name of the game this week at Bookworm Room.  Yesterday, I posted about the fact that my liberal friends believe that it’s wrong to tell teenage girls and young women that they increase their chances of getting raped if they drink to excess at parties.  They don’t believe it’s wrong because it’s inaccurate.  Indeed, all freely agreed that young men and women who drink too much are a recipe for rape.  What bothered them was that this implies that girls have some control over whether or not they become victims.  It makes them actually responsible for themselves, and that’s just unfair as long as there are men out there raping.  You see, the men are the real culprits so it’s just wrong to let them off the hook in any way, shape, or form by implying that women have some power in the situation.

Today, Igorvolsky tweeted out a genuine, bona fide Obamacare ad out of Colorado:


Party hearty, dudes!  Drink up!  Just don’t, like, you know, rape some drunk chick.  But dude!  Here’s the really awesome thing:  If you do rape the drunk chick, and she gets pregnant, Obamacare will, like, pay for the abortion.  Awesome!

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  • Libby

    Look at some of the other versions of that ad:
    Interesting profiles they’ve targeted, huh?

  • Bookworm

    Yup — young, active, and not interested in paying not only for their own insurance, but for everyone else’s as well.

  • Ymarsakar

    “You see, the men are the real culprits so it’s just wrong to let them off the hook in any way, shape, or form by implying that women have some power in the situation.”
    Islam often allies with Leftist alliance members. One would think their ideology would contradict each other, like Black Power racist panthers along with homosexual activists. But wait, there’s a compatibility patch they download to make it stick.
    The Left says women don’t have the power. Islam says men don’t have the power when they see uncovered “meat” ready to be eaten. So women must cover up. For the Left, men must be disabled and neutered.
    It’s all about who has the power and how to apply it.

  • Ymarsakar

    Oh, I forgot the pitch sales line for the patch. The patch is this:
    Leftist: in our Utopia, women don’t have the power to decide, so we decide for them.
    Islamic jihadist: In our Sharia Mecca, women are the problem, must be controlled, because males lack the power to resist the evil sexual energy.
    Leftist: Then how about we tell our women to cover up for Islam, while spreading legs for Democrat interests. Meanwhile, you tell your male jihadists to attack the Jews over there and unarmed white children.
    Islamist: That’s agreeable. (*whispers* Until it’s time to behead all the infidels, at least)

  • Jose

    In fact, a health care exchange worker told me last week that they were seeing “interest” by young people, or rather specifically young women, looking for pregnancy coverage.
    Having been young and insolvent, I anticipate large numbers of young women signing up to get pregnancy coverage, and young men signing up in much, much smaller numbers.

  • Libby

    See the link in my 1st comment – there are 8 ads included in this campaign,5 of which are single, white males, and the remaining 3 are single, Latina moms & kids (1 only pictures the kid w/the narration by the mom). So I guess intact families are not their target demographic.