Hillary and her demand for “civility”

I made a video about Hillary’s frequent, and egregious, lapses from the civility that she demands of others.

Here’s a request I have for you: someone told me that there may be video of Hillary heckling Bill’s opponent, Lynn Lowe, during the 1978 Arkansas governor’s race. Do any of you know where I could find that?

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  1. Charles Martel says

    As I do with Obama, I try not to watch or listen to Hillary. Much better for my blood pressure. But watching this reminds me why they call her Shrillary, and also reminds me that pumping through the woman’s heart is a sludge consisting of bitterness, guile, and vast feelings of entitlement.
    But what really bugs me about her is that when/if her lesbianism is finally revealed, it will be seen and extolled by the Brights as a wonderful selling point. If only she were an anti-Zionist Jew—she would be the greatest three-fer in American history.

  2. Libby says

    Has there ever been a more charmless, unaccomplished female pushed on us for president? I had a hard time even watching a few minutes of that woman. Isn’t ii special that she condemns “scorched earth” attacks, something she & Bill pioneered?

  3. 11B40 says

    It’s always nice to hear from Madam Benghazi.
    Like her sisters in the Obama harem, Lois Lerner and Katherine Sebelius, she too has not yet found the time to read Joseph Conrad’s “Lord Jim”.

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