An Elizabeth Warren presidential candidacy

Elizabeth Warren quotation

The two top names currently being bandied about for the Democrat presidential slate in 2016 are Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.  Democrats are saying that Hillary is “inevitable.”  I recall them saying the same thing in 2008, and that was before she had the Benghazi albatross hanging about her neck.  My suspicion is that, just as happened in 2008, were she to run, the media would roll out the red carpet for her, and she’d soil it within a few months.

No matter what Hillary does, she cannot get past the fact that, at some visceral, lizard-brain level, people who are not true believers neither like nor trust her.  And I do mean visceral.  We here are informed about what a squirrelly person she is, both personally and politically, whether one looks at Benghazi, lesbianism, political and economic ties to antisemitic Arab leagues, or whatever else.  Most Americans neither know nor care.  They just don’t like her.

And what about Elizabeth Warren?  Well, Americans neither know nor will they care that Warren’s Senatorial race proved that she’s a liar.  As Democrat politicians get caught in increasingly egregious lies, it’s rather ironic that people care less, not more.  “That’s just what politicians do,” they say, when what they really should be saying is “That’s what Democrat politicians do, so why the Hell are we voting for them?”

I’m embarrassed to admit this about the American people, but I suspect even Obama’s manifest, gross, far-reaching lies about Obamacare will eventually get nothing more than shrugs from Americans.  Those who are ideologically blind will even add “The Republicans made him do it.”  So Warren’s lies won’t get her.

I suspect that what will destroy Warren in the end is the same thing that wiped out Hillary:  she’s not likable.  Exactly like Hillary, Warren is angry, smug, and condescending.  Obama is too, but he was clever enough to hide that on the campaign trail.  Hillary couldn’t and Warren can’t.

My own outdated experience with having Warren as a law professor some decades ago is that she’s also a terribly bad communicator.  Like Obama, she does fine with the prepared speech, but she’s incoherent when she’s off the cuff.  And unlike Obama, she’s not black nor does she have a photogenic smile nor “ripped abs” to help her out.  Ask her the right question, meaning an important question for which she doesn’t have a pre-packaged answer, and all you’ll get is a boatload of angry BS.

William Jacobson, of Legal Insurrection, thinks as I do about Warren, and therefore devoutly hopes that she runs, because he’s assuming that she will collapse before a Republican candidate.  I’d like to agree with him, but I fear greatly that Republicans will, as always, destroy themselves.  With our luck, rather than having Ted Cruz, or Bill Lee, Alan West, or even Chris Christie (whom I’ve come to dislike but whose still more conservative than not) on the ballot, Republican primaries are going to result in our having John McCain on the ballot.  Indeed, with Open Primaries now in major states such as California, the best tactic the Democrats could use would be to put John McCain or Lindsay Graham or some other self-hating “conservative” on the ballot against Warren or whomever else the Democrats run with.

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  • Robert Arvanitis

    It is our moral obligation to do everything possible to prevent such a travesty.
    But if it happens, we must acknowledge Darwin.
    As H, L. Mencken said: “Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

  • Charles Martel

    I’m pretty sure that if Warren were to run, she’d get most Washington Redskins fan votes.

  • Robert Arvanitis

    touché my friend!


  • Mike Devx

    It seems to me it would have been so easy for Republicans to get their message act together, and coordinate a series of messages highlighting “this Democrat Disaster” or “that Democrat disaster”.  Especially when it comes to ObamaCare, and the Obamacare Website.  Republicans should *own* the alternative.
    Yet, they do not own the alternative to Democrat Disasters.  Because they do not have a message.  Or our Benevolent Bean Counters don’t have a message that resonates with American ears.  ””our Reliably Reassuring Republicans are too nice to refer to events as “Democrat Disasters”, it seems.  Or any other pithy but somewhat impolite acronym that might disturb the tender sensibilities of their friends, the wonderful Democrats.  Those wonderful Democrats who so love their fellow Republicans that they call them “terrorists”, “arsonists”, “murderers”, “haters”, etc.  Mustn’t offend our friends, the Democrats!
    Republicans also seem strangely to fear *owning* the alternatives to Democrat Disasters.  “What if we go on record, and we’re WRONG?” they might be assumed to be whining.  “We’d rather be spineless wimps who stand for nothing.  We’d rather mouth vague disappointments that no one will ever remember, rather than actually stand for something!”
    And that is why Elizabeth Warren could win.  Not because she deserves to.  But because we are all slaves on the Republican plantation, allowing our Republicans to be worthless. and continuing to vote for our own peculiar brand of Republican political incompetence.  We are on the Republican plantation, because we refuse to demand better than what we’re given.  And we’ll reliably continue to vote for the Republican, because the Democrat is somewhat worse.  Because we are on the plantation.

  • Charles Martel

    Well said, Mike. Well said.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    Rumors have started that McCain may run for his seat again in 2016. I’m not sure if I’m happy or upset about this. I feel, if he did not run, the candidate given to us would be one hand-picked to replace him. But if he does try for it, we have a chance to choose someone else in the primaries. I get the sense that most everyone in AZ hates him nowadays, but I’m still worried his name would pull in the votes by the ones that just don’t care to know any better.

  • lee

    Ben Quayle might try and run against McCain in the primaries for his Senate seat. He’s already in the House, and is supposedly a Tea Party person…

  • lee

    I keep getting in fights with my husband who is so made et them all. He says that if Jesse Ventura runs for president, he is GOING to vote for him. I keep telling him that doing that is basically voting for Hillary or Fauxcahontas. It will help insure that the Democrat candidate wins.
    We need to get a GOOD Republican candidate running, and try and keep the ones who will take votes away from the Republican candidate from running as an independant. If they really do “care” they MUST know that they are sandbagging the NON-Democrat candidate. The Republican Candidate needs to be someone with charisma, who is not afraid to FIGHT the Democrats.
    And we need one BADLY. Get Reince out of the RNP seat, and someone in who is OUT THERE, talking, fighting, and working the crowd. And really going after the Democrats’ clay feet.

  • raymondjelli

    I’ve started evaluating politics like professional wrestling since it is just as phony.  The candidates are the wrestlers, the talk show hosts are the managers and we’re the marks.
    Can Elizabeth Smart win? Sure she can.  Hulk Hogan was not the most talented athlete but his “competition” accomodated his strengths, minimized his shortcomings in the ring and he could be a long running champion.  Sort of like Obama is now.
    It all depends on the quality of bad guy the Republicans can field. A master like John McCain could make Elizabeth Smart win in a landslide.  A not so good one could possibly accidentally win.
    My perfect Republican team would be John McCain and the Undertaker as V.P. They could throw a series of elections/matches with Elizabeth Warren/Iron Sheikh and the tickets sold could be used to buy vacations to Guam for Congress.

  • Robert Arvanitis

    Raymond – I was with you all the way until the last line.  If you send all 535, Guam will tip over…

  • Ymarsakar

    People are still talking about Tyrant Lincoln and Sherman Atlanta burner, even though they don’t vote Democrat any more as compelled to by their birth and state.
    Don’t ever underestimate Democrat propaganda, especially funded by the modern Left. It will bite you if you do, sooner or later.