Is this the bravest man in Saudi Arabia?

JoshuaPundit found a video by a social activist in Saudi Arabia, who has a strong opinion about the ridiculous Saudi rule prohibiting women from driving.  If this guy and his friends are living in Saudi Arabia, they are seriously brave.  I hope this video gets a lot of play and makes a difference.

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  • Libby

    At a previous job for an international company my team hosted in DC training for representatives from other offices. Mid-week of the first week my boss held an after class bbq at her house for attendees to relax and get to know each other. One of the polite switch techs from the Saudi Arabia site felt relaxed enough to tell an amusing story about a group of Saudi women who wanted to drive. They decided to demonstrate this by holding a drive-through-town procession of female protesters. And they were all promptly beheaded. Ha ha ha. Frozen smiles all around when he got to the punchline.

  • Earl

    I’m a musical ignoramus….what’s the underlying Bob Marley piece?
    I wonder if this guy has had his visit from the morals squad, yet…..?  Unlikely to behead him for this, I suppose, but who knows?
    Get the Keystone XL Pipeline in, and open up Federal lands for drilling and production, so we don’t have to deal with the medieval monsters any more……!
    American prosperity would be just an unintended consequence!