A little flotsam, a little jetsam, and a sprinkling of malice

First, I’m gonna hit you with the visuals.  Isn’t this a great Halloween poster, courtesy of Chris Muir?

On Track Black & White

Rep. Renee Ellmers put Sebelius on the hot seat. Watch Sebelius twist and squirm like a worm on a hook as she avoids saying that people who don’t buy health insurance are violating the law and as she is forced to admit that men must buy maternity care, whether they need it or not:

Dennis Prager, one of whose many virtues is the fact that he is a temperate man who relies on logic rather than emotion to guide him, assembles a compelling body of facts to support his conclusion that, despite having disagreements with past presidents, “I have never written or broadcast that our country was being seriously damaged by a president. So it is with great sadness that I write that President Barack Obama has done and continues to do major damage to America.”

Charlie Martin does a fabulous (no exaggeration) job explaining how real insurance works and how Obamacare perverts and ultimately destroys real insurance.  I don’t think he says anything that you and I don’t already know and that we didn’t predict years ago, but I’m greatly impressed by how accessible he makes complex ideas.  If you have a tween or teen, or a liberal relative or friend who has never actually contemplated how the real world works, you could do a lot worse than forwarding Martin’s post to them.

One of the things that distinguishes the PBS crowd (both creators and audience) from other Americans is their smugness.  They are the self-styled intelligentsia.  Their neatly packaged two-to-fifteen minute segments tell you everything you need to know.  Unspoken in that last sentence is this part:  “everything you need to know in order to maintain your smug disdain for Americans who live in flyover country, or didn’t attend Ivy League colleges, or believe in God, the flag, and America, etc.”  Sometimes, to preserve this wonderful feeling of superiority, of course, you have to lie . . . just a little bit . . . or maybe a lot . . . but it’s a “truthy” lie because, even if the facts are kind of not really correct, you’re right about the overarching idea or theory.  This attitude probably explains why PBS did a report on Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds broadcast and repeated as truth the claim that ordinary Americans were so stupid that they succumbed to mass panic.  The so-called panic, in fact, was puffery from a media anxious to trumpet its importance.  I’m thinking that maybe PBS stands for “Pure Bulls**t.”

Sebelius has taken full responsibility for the Obamacare rollout debacle.  In a normal world, she’d be standing on a street corner now with a sign saying “Will work for food.”  In Obama-world, she will keep her job until she decides to leave.  When she does leave, she’ll get on the speaking circuit and make $30,000-$50,000 for a 45 minute speech touting what a wonderful job she did.  After all, it’s worked for Hillary and Holder, so why shouldn’t it work for Sebelius?  As she’s already made clear, she doesn’t work for the people who actually pay her salary (that would be you and me) but, instead, works for much more important people who also get their salary from us.  It’s easy to confess a sin when you know that you need not fear either punishment or repentance.

All the liberals are piling on Obama now.  The most recent is the WaPo’s Dana Milbank.  I’m unimpressed.  All of these things about Obama were obvious in 2007 and in every year thereafter.  Before about two minutes ago, the same people now criticizing him were either lying through their teeth when they praised him and his plans, or they were pathologically dumb to the point of complete mental retardation.  So now, when the damage is done, suddenly they’ve discovered that Obama has managed to be simultaneously corrupt and ineffectual.  Who cares.  What I want, and what none will do, is to see these people issue the groveling apologies that the American people deserve, and to promise to bring a swift, impeachment-style conclusion to the most corrupt presidency ever.

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  • Texan99

    I prefer a $10K deductible, to keep premiums down.  All my adult life I have kept my deductibles high enough to be above the bills I could reasonably expect to incur.  That’s what insurance is for:  to place a bet against something that’s unlikely to happen.  If a medical bill is likely to happen, I don’t “insure” against it, I “budget” for it.
    The progressives aren’t entirely restricting themselves to demonizing Obama.  To an extraordinary degree, they’re pushing the line that the ACA was a Republican plan.  It seems to play well among the diehards, but I’d say it’s a pretty big flop with Independents.  The line that seems to work best with Independents is “All politicians lie, so just don’t vote.”

  • Charles Martel

    Milbank’s too-little, too-late joining of the fray reminds me of the Nancy boys and girls who arrive to fight long after the real warriors have faced the cannons and done the heavy lifting. It’s very enjoyable watching the mainstream media’s cowards sit before their makeup mirrors prepping for their public agony acts.
    Oh, well, more popcorn for me to consume.

  • Call me Lennie

    The Worm has turned ……. on Obama, that is.
    Of course you’ve been a critic, but this is the first time I’ve seen the word “impeachment” issue forth from your keyboard


    A picture is worth a 1,000 words unless the picture is a screen shot.
    Madam Sillybus explains that the website has never crashed. Oh sure, it runs slowly and is unreliable, but it hasn’t crashed. If her HHS gig doesn’t work out, she can transfer to the Department of Transportation next and explain that the Chevy Volt battery fires aren’t really fires – they’re a new line of automobiles that run on smoke and flames.
    (30 seconds and one damn funny screen shot at the end).

  • Gringo

    All the liberals are piling on Obama now.  The most recent is the WaPo’s Dana Milbank.  I’m unimpressed.  All of these things about Obama were obvious in 2007 and in every year thereafter.  Before about two minutes ago, the same people now criticizing him were either lying through their teeth when they praised him and his plans, or they were pathologically dumb to the point of complete mental retardation.
      All they have to do is make a statement similar to  what Fearless Leader did with Jeremiah Wright, when Obama said that “the man I saw yesterday was not the man I knew for 20  years,” upon being informed that Wright had been spouting “God damn America” and such from the pulpit.
    The lying, ineffectual, incompetent Obama the libs now know from the disastrous rollout of Obamacare is NOT the same man they knew for 6 years. Because they deliberately shut their eyes and put their hands over their ears. As Obama did with Reverend Wright.

  • jj

    I’m uncertain what difference it makes – he’s got the job, with an unbreakable contract that runs for another three years.  (Let’s be real: if he held up a bank and provably killed a guard, the excrescence Reid wouldn’t allow impeachment hearings in the senate.)  So it’s a non-starter.  He’s there for the duration.  So we can all say: “rooty-toot, Milbank and bunch of other nitwits have at long last seen what everybody else saw almost immediately!  Wow!”  And, I guess, we get to feel good about ourselves, or vindicated, or something.  And… so what?  The difference it will make is zero.
    Even Charles Krauthammer, of whom I am generally a great admirer, said in his interview on Fox the other night that he figured it out “… in five weeks,” by the time of the inauguration.  Jesus, Charles, that was fairly dense of you.  Five weeks?  It took most of us here under five minutes, from the time he first poked his head out of its shell in early spring of W’s last term.  The research was a snap: there was nothing in the file – it took no time at all to find that out.  Chicago’s a big place, we all know somebody there (or at least I so suppose – but maybe not); all it took was one phone call to find out about his terms in both the Illinois senate and the other one.
    So, you know, okay: we’ve all figured out he’s of no value whatsoever – even the halfwit Milbank.  We know he knows nothing.  We know he’s not interested in knowing anything.  We know he’s an arrogant little son of a bitch.  We know he’s a liar.  Great, we’re all on the same page.  What does that get us?  What does that change?  What does that repair?  What step does that take toward undoing the damage done to the United States of America, at home and abroad?  The answer is: none at all.  The observation might as well never have been made.  Save your breath.  His second term maybe got a little harder, that’s all.  And even that, so what?  He got his big deal done in term 1, so at this point all that’s left is to let 12 million illegal aliens loose and voting among us – and he’ll get that done, because he’s got every worthless asshole on the other side of the aisle with him: McConnell, McCain, Cornyn, Graham, et al.  So that’s done.
    He’s finished, so the second term doesn’t matter.  The goal of fundamentally remaking America has been accomplished – whoever’s goal it was; we still don’t know who runs him.  Somebody does, maybe history will figure it out.  (I remember so many people saying back in the day: “in fifty years they’ll tell us who killed Kennedy.”  The fifty was up a while back, still no info.  So you never know, our grandchildren may never be told what was really going on here, though given the evolution of education they won’t have the intellectual curiosity to give a damn.  Can’t miss what you never had.)
    So congratulations are in order.  I guess.  People are figuring out – or at least pretending they are – what was obvious from Day 1.  Great.  Have a half-holiday.  What difference, at this point, does it make? 

  • Texan99

    Agreed — if anything is to be done in the near future, it will have to be in next year’s primaries and midterm election.  Obama personally hasn’t done that much, and the House’s fangs were pulled in 2010.  The Senate is still a big problem, especially with a chunk of the House dying to go wobbly from time to time.

  • Charles Martel

    Regarding jj’s comment above about the evolution (devolution?) of education, I received an e-mail yesterday from an old friend who is quite a history buff. (He’s conventionally far left, being a credulous Brown University grad, but I’ve been chinking at his liberal armor for almost three decades.) He told me about having an informal conversation at work with three very bright young college-educated women. Among the things he learned about them:
    —None of them knew that Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated.
    —None of them knew who the Marx Brothers were.
    —None of them knew who Helen Keller was.
    Okay, the country’s fate doesn’t ride on knowing the second two, but shouldn’t a bright young American at least know what the hell happened to a seminal figure in her nation’s history?
    I told my friend that what happened to him at the water cooler as one reason why I became a conservative. “Bright know-nothings like that are perfect suckers, the kind that demagogues and merchants of feel-good prey on, Bob. They vote and they’ll soon be running your country.”

  • Texan99

    It’s weird, too, because I always thought the conventional wisdom on Lincoln was almost completely limited to this story line:  modest beginnings, President, freed the slaves, martyred for it.  If they aren’t teaching the kids that he was assassinated, they’re missing one of the critical elements of their own story.


    Charles: What three very bright young college-educated women didn’t know vote for representatives who know even less than they do.
    A quick introduction to Frank Pallone: DOB 1951 and a Rep. from the Garden State of NJ.
    Rep. Frank Pallone: The bottom line is if you’re selling a lousy policy with a price that’s too high nobody’s going to buy it. So they’re cancelling these policies because they know people won’t buy them.
    Megyn Kelly: But they were buying them. They were buying them. 15 million people who bought them and said “I like them”, Mr. Pallone.
    Pallone: They’re not going to buy them anymore when they have a better alternative.
    Kelly: Thanks to you!… Why do you get to decide what’s lousy?
    Pallone: It’s capitalism.

  • Texan99

    They’re just kind of accelerating the process of unpopular products going off the market, by taking them off while they’re still popular, because no one was going to want to buy them when they weren’t available any more.  That’s capitalism.  I though you said you liked capitalism?
    Besides, where were you when Bush [whatever]?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    They him ask black students if Lincoln was a Democrat, Martel. Be interesting to know how the Black Panther infiltration is going on at Brown.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I am sure there was a narrowly defined point in time where “education” transitioned into “indoctrination”.
    Let’s face it: there are very few true scholars out there and most of the rest have no business having anything to do with the traditional concept of a university (if such still exists). 

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    What we need are the ancient warrior-scholars, the warrior-poets, and the warrior-martial-artists.
    Nothing else can stand up to the Left’s intimidation, violence, and organized crime.