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I’ve been cleaning out my email box, a process that always involves my apologizing to lots of people for appearing to have ignored their emails to me.  I haven’t ignored them, which implies a deliberate effort to pretend they’re not there.  Instead, I have done what I so often do:  fallen behind.

The cool thing about going through the email box is finding all these gems.  Some of them go back in time a while, but they’re still good opinion pieces or news stories, so I offer them to you now.

Back in August, Sultan Knish imagined what Obama’s obituary would be like were he to die in the year 2038.  My only quibble is that, to the extent that Obama is exactly my age, I don’t like seeing him die at a mere 77 years.  Our generation was meant to live to be older.  Of course, what with Obamacare and all, maybe in 2038, a man of 77 will be freakishly old.

Rich people can be nice too:  Helen Rosburg, a Wrigley Heiress, paid for a Marine’s dogs to be flown across country in a private charter when a commercial airline said the dogs were too big to fly to the Marine’s new base.

Plastic comes from oil, so it makes sense that a good way to recycle is to turn it back to oil.  My only problem with this is that, because it comes from “United Nations University,” I’m assuming that it takes more electricity (i.e., coal- or oil-derived energy) to convert than each bottle actually yields.  (Yes, I am cynical.)

As Americans are being pushed onto Obamacare will-she-nil-she, Congress is busy exempting its own people from the law’s increasingly onerous burdens.  Maybe we ought to have a clean-slate election:  everybody in Congress is automatically booted all at once, and we start from scratch.

Now that there’s no recourse, the Obama cheer-leading rats are scrambling off the ship.  This time it’s David Ignatius looking at Obama’s abysmal foreign policy failures.  Of course, all these people are still rats, because they knowingly deceived us, the were complicit in massive fraud (unless they were dumb as turnips when it came to the manifest failures driving Obama’s foreign and domestic policies), and the gosh-darned ship of state is still sinking.  They’re running for high ground, while the rest of us are drowning . . . thanks to them.

Isn’t it good to know that a Homeland Security adviser thinks America is a Muslim county?  Moreover, the Constitution is “Islamically compliant.”  Well, that’s quite a trick considering that the Constitution is about small government and individual freedom, including freedom from state interference with religion, while Islam is predicated upon complete submission to the religious state.

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  • barbtheevilgenius

    Obama does not always look healthy, especially the blue lips. There are debates as to whether he has actually ever quit smoking, and also as to what kind of other drugs he may be doing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he dies at 77.

  • Charles Martel

    I read somewhere that some entrepreneurs were thinking of building a replica of the HMS Titanic, fitted out, of course, with modern safety devices, but decorated as though it were a 1912 ocean liner.
    Here’s my dream: All the Demo bigwigs, from Nancy Boy and Joe “The Plagiarist” Biden on down through Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Jerry Brown, decide to cruise aboard the Titanic II’s maiden voyage. Out at sea, as Obama puts his feet on the controls to show how easy it is being captain, he crashes the ship into an iceberg despite his coolest frantic last-minute foot movements.
    Just as accompanying reporters swoop down upon Barry to cover/kiss his ass and plot excuses, there is a huge “oopsie” moment: Kathleen Sebelius announces that the builders didn’t equip the ship with lifeboats, reasoning that Obama’s street-seasoned seamanship and his crew of terrifically gifted technocrats would never do something as stupid as run into an iceberg.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Maybe we ought to have a clean-slate election:  everybody in Congress is automatically booted all at once, and we start from scratch.
    That’s either a Revolution where things go 360 and starts anew, or a “Re Evolution”, starting again in evolving human society from one man, one woman.