UC Berkeley student government announces that the phrase “illegal immigrant” is banned *UPDATED*

One wonders how many of the jubilant Berkeley students who bought into 1964's Free Speech Movement would be shocked by today's censorship.  My guess is "none."  It was always about Leftist re-education.

One wonders how many of those neatly attired and jubilant Berkeley students who bought into 1964’s Free Speech Movement would be shocked by today’s censorship. My guess is “none.” It was always about Leftist re-education.

The People’s Republic of Berkeley or, as it’s more commonly known, the University of California, Berkeley, has stayed true to its core Orwellian Leftism by banning language. Today’s targeted “bad thinking” is the phrase “illegal immigrant.” According to the censors occupying Berkeley’s student government, that phrase is “racially charged,” “dehumanizes” people, and contributes to “punitive and discriminatory actions aimed primarily at immigrants and communities of color.” Apparently the truth hurts.

The resolution, of course, carried with the usual Soviet style unanimity: 18 voted “yes” to censor thought and language, while one student abstained. (More on that single abstention later.)

Actually, the ultra-Left Berkeley was late to the party on this one, but that’s only because the University of California in Los Angeles has a much higher population of illegal immigrant students. That’s almost certainly why UCLA passed a similar resolution in August, while Berzerkley didn’t get around to it until November.

The resolution is a beautiful example of Orwellian speech. It leads with pure academese nonsense: “The ‘I’ word is legally inaccurate since being out of status is a civil rather than criminal infraction.” You’ll note that the “I” word (and we’re not sure whether the “I” word is “illegal” or “immigrant”) is now so tainted that I t’s been elevated to the status of the infamous “N” word. (For those of you too young to remember the OJ Simpson trial, or those who just dislike censorship, the “N” word is “nigger.” It’s a nasty, mean-spirited word, but nobody has ever dropped dead spontaneously from hearing or reading it.)

That nonsense phrase is just a warm-up for the Orwellian language changes the students propose:

“No human being is illegal. ‘Foreign nationals,’ ‘undocumented immigrants,’ ‘immigrants without papers’ and ‘immigrants seeking status’ are examples of terms we can use that do not dehumanize people.

You can use all the metaphors you like, dear little UC Berkeley soviets, but the fact remains that, to the extent these people are in America in an undocumented way without papers, it’s because they broke the law by sneaking over the border like thieves in the nights. In other words, adjectively, they’re immigrants who are here illegally, which makes them – yes, wait for it — ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

The problem, of course, isn’t the words. It’s the behavior. You can dress mutton up as lamb, but it’s still mutton. And someone who sneaked over the border in violation of our nation’s laws is still illegal no matter how frilly the words you drape around that person.

Of course, the commissars at Berkeley can’t just stop with a stupid resolution. What’s Soviet-style censorship and shaming without communist-style re-education? To that end, the resolution also calls for administrators and faculty to attend an “UndocuAlly training workshop.”

Considering that greater than 90% of Berkeley’s administrators and faculty members are the ones who trained these junior Leftists, it’s actually funny to hear the students demand that their mentors need re-education. Of course, that’s the way it happened in China too, when the younger generation decided that the elders who ushered in Communism showed inadequate fervor in their commitment to the monster they had created. It was these radicalized students who ushered in Mao’s “Great Leap Forward,” complete with 50-70 million dead Chinese citizens – all of whom no doubt starved to death joyfully thanks to their contribution to the great communist cause.

As for the sole abstention, it’s worth noting that he’s probably ready for re-education too. Student senator Solomon Nwoche agrees in principle with the resolution, but thought it was a waste of time. That shows practical intelligence. His real sin, though, was in his sneaking respect for freedom of speech and the marketplace of ideas. He was disappointed, he said, that, when a single person tried to speak out against the resolution, the student senators laughed at him or, even more disgustingly, turned their backs to him.

(A slightly modified version of this post first appeared at Mr. Conservative.)

UPDATE:  I should add here that I agree that America’s immigration laws are dreadful.  Having said that, it’s up to America to change her laws, not for illegal immigrants to change them by ignoring them.  (Well, in theory that’s the case.  In fact, the Obama administration is also changing them by ignoring them.)  We also should start putting pressure on Mexico.  Immigrants come here illegally because Mexico is so shamefully corrupt and poorly run that a country rich in resources, but natural and human, is mired in poverty, and because Mexico charges its citizens such heinous amounts to allow them to leave the country legally that poor are stymied both by America’s laws and by Mexico’s.  A fix is a good thing; disrespect for our country’s borders and laws is a disastrous thing, going to the sovereign integrity of our nation and her citizens.

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  • 94Corvette

    For Mexico, this is the perfect situation.  The money sent to that country by exported workers was 21.2 Billion dollars in 2009.  This is pure profit for Mexico as they have no infrastructure that they have had to construct for it; nearly 12% of the Mexican population is here now and that is healthcare, education, housing, food, etc. that Mexico doesn’t have to provide. 
    Just has human life has been devalued, the value of American citizenship has been devalued as well. 

  • Texan99

    Jeff Goldstein wonders if it’s permissible to call them immigrants of illegality?

  • jj

    They’re not ‘illegal immigrants.’  The word ‘immigrant’ implies a recognized, legitimate status.  What they are is illegal ALIENS, with no shred of a right to be on this soil.

  • Charles Martel

    I finally tracked down the 1956 Edmund O’Brien-Jan Sterling film version of Orwell’s 1984. One of neat little scenes in it is when Winston Smith is caught where he shouldn’t be in the Prole section of town by the little girl of his apartment house neighbor. She is a fully committed member of the Junior Spies, pledged to track down and ferret out traitors to The Party.
    These pathetic dimwits in the Berkeley student government remind me of her. Nostrils flaring, arms gesticulating, dudgeons flying high, they are ready to ride out and pounce on the great threats to human existence. What  perpetual babies they are. They will never think a hard or original thought, they will never produce one jot of wealth or enlightenment for the rest of us, they will never teach the children they don’t abort first how to grow to and be an adult.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Free speech is only for those born of Man. When they don’t consider you humans, but a piece of property or livestock… why should they give you the benefit of the doubt on rights?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    It literally doesn’t matter what the laws are. Laws are made by humans, for humans. When PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, are given weapons and enforcement powers, the “animals” they will be dealing with aren’t just cats and dogs. It’ll be you, Teas Party loyalists, American patriots, and everybody else that is an enemy of the Left.
    It doesn’t matter what the laws are when you are not considered a human. Since it doesn’t matter what the law is, it makes no sense to obey it when there is no benefit.

  • Texan99

    “Residents of Undocumentedness”
    “Persons of Presence with Temporary Pre-Voting Status”

  • Mike Devx

    In the 60’s, the radicals used to protest for the individual against the big bad government, the big bad institutions that smothered free thinkers by putting the iron jack-boot against freedom-loving throats.
    Now the radicals are the government.  Now the radicals are the big bad institution that issues its proclamations, and places its iron jack-boot against freedom-loving throats.
    In the 60’s, the radicals used to protest against The Man.
    Now, the radicals are The Man.
    If they had any integrity, any at all, the real radicals at Berkeley would be storming the university offices, demanding that everybody be allowed to speak as they please, say what they want, live how they want.  Make Love, not War!  If hippie power meant anything, it meant freedom to live your own way.
    But they have no integrity.  And how times change.

  • JKB

    I hear Berkley is one of the best schools in California.  
    Define irony.  Students at Berkley cannot.  
     If hippie power meant anything, it meant freedom to live your own way.
    That is not true.  The hippies and spoiled brats did not accept the freedom to live the old conventional way.  Such individuals were not allowed to socialize, unabused, with the hippie believer.  
    Back in the early 1990s, a kid working for me summed it up nicely.  “The Baby Boomers grew up to make everything they did illegal for their kids to do.”  What was once frowned upon by society is not banned under threat of government violence.  

  • Charles Martel

    JKB, Berkeley’s reputation as a great school lies mostly in its post-graduate and research programs. As Book will attest, the undergraduate education is abysmal. Berkeley grads, as a rule, are no more qualified to think or lead than the arrogant kids the Ivies are pumping out. 
    What’s funny is that the American college system has come to imitate the Japanese system. Teenagers toil and sweat for years under heavy pressure to pass a formidable battery of tests in order to get into the “right” school, such as the University Tokyo, Japan’s equivalent to Harvard. But once they’re there, they have essentially completed their life’s mission. The prestige of graduating from a high-ranked university will give them the connections and mojo they need to sail affluently through adult life.
    As at US schools, their four years of college often become a party free-for-all, with lots of drinking and hooking up. When simply being invited to the party means you’ve made it, your manners at the actual event really don’t matter.

  • JohnC

    How about ‘Teabagger’?
    Is that banned?
    Do they plan on outlawing it as well?
    Or is that word not “dehumanizing” because they agree with it?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Tokyo’s famous university is not equivalent to Harvard.
    Harvard produces incompetents in droves, after all.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    In four years at my university, I have only one memory of class presidents/leadership – a poster saying vote for so and so. Are these people even relevant? Would even 10% of students know or care about anything they did? Maybe it’s because I lived 45 minutes away from campus and school was just about getting required training…
    Also, America is pressuring  Mexico by tanking its own economy – see how valuable those sent dollars are now sucka!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    “Are these people even relevant?”
    About as relevant as the local bottom pole guy that gets everyone drinks.
    They aren’t given responsibilities or power. Neither in budgeting nor in enforcing security. No power, no responsibility, no relevance.
    Then again, American patriots aren’t given power or responsibility to wipe their own selves or clean up after their own protests so…