There is goodness out there to offset the evil

I was exchanging emails with a friend about our despair regarding the current political scene.  Sure, Obamacare is performing as badly as we all predicted and doing what we knew it would, but so what?  Republicans are busy snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and Americans and their economy seem to be on the verge of implosion.  Some days, even though you believe in the silver lining, somehow the only thing you can see is the cloud.

And that’s why we need posts like this one, to remind us that the silver lining often resides in the individuals we don’t see, rather than in the politicians and politics we do see.  Much as Obama would like to deny it, we are a nation of individuals, not of special interest groups and victim classes.

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    Nothing evil constructs is immune to death. All things that live, can be killed. Remember that.
    Also remember that when the things I talk about start making sense and become equivalent to common sense and assumptions… that’s when people should be worried and in despair. So long as it sounds crazy, it is not yet Time.

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    Suspicious doesn’t mean evil. It just means suspicious. Like groups of teenagers constantly going around a neighborhood knocking on the doors of houses to see if anyone is at home, saying a friend lives there.

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    What are the odds that all 4 of Book’s links somehow autogenerated for Kaiser? This implies a campaign advertisement for ObamaCare, paid advertisement, internet funded, and occurring in a relatively short span of time to edge out the competitors.

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