About the next batch of “buy Obamacare” posters out of Colorado

I blogged about the first batch of posters, aimed at the binge drinking crowd.  I couldn’t make myself blog about the current batch.  Fortunately, Robert Avrech did it for me.  So, regarding this vile poster and the others in the series, I point to Seraphic Secret and yell out “Yeah!  What he said!”

Obamacare hot to trot ad

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  • JKB

    A bit of photoshop to make that pill box a calculator and this could show her discovering how much more her “free” birth control pills is costing her compared to the open market.  And he’s smug about having paid so he can get laid.
    “Free birth control!  Now I can afford to take that internship with Bill Clinton.”

  • http://vinnysrants.blogspot.com vinny

    Wow, Miley Cyrus could be the perfect poster child for Obamacare. Smoking dope, doing drugs, getting an abortion, treatment for STD’s,…. 

  • Mike Devx

    Susie and Nate – Hot To Trot.
    Just a couple of fun loving Americans!
    Somehow, I think the people who created this ad took time off from their day jobs where they teach 4th Graders how to quickly and expertly put a condom onto a cucumber.

  • JKB

    Turns out free birth control is about the the only thing to get excited about.  Get that STD, she’s royally screwed.
    One analysis found that the average deductible for someone who enrolls in a “Silver” plan is more than twice the deductible for employer-sponsored coverage. Deductibles for the lowest-cost “Bronze” plans (which cover only 60 percent of projected medical costs) average $5,150 for an individual and can be as high as $6,350 or $12,700 for a family of four.
    So exchange insurance isn’t so great if you actually get sick.
    Got ObamaCare? Too bad for you | New York Post

  • jj

    I occasionally, in the wonderfully mannered world of today, wonder why I bothered learning to shave.  I sometimes feel very out of place given that the current hot look is evidently what once would have been referred to as: ‘slob.’

  • Libby

    Since Avrech and other’s have covered the “Ho” angle, let’s look at this batch along with the first round, which featured several ads with Latina mom’s &child and the rest were young, beer-swilling or adventure-seeking white men. So in their world, there are: single white women on the prowl, single Latina women with kids, and reckless, single white men. No families, with or without kids. Proof that Progressive destruction of marriage and traditional families does create more “customers” for the nanny state.

  • Charles Martel

    As a lesbian trapped in a man’s body, I have to be frank: I adore skanks. I applaud a government that treats them seriously. Skankhood, and the respect it’s due, is a serious matter, right up there with Iran, unemployment, and massive student debt.
    If my government wants to make it easier for me, a hairy 65-year-old lesbian, to get laid, I am profoundly grateful. 

  • http://www.amazon.com/Occupy-Innsmouth-ebook/dp/B009WWJ44A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1361504109&amp raymondjelli

    EWWWWW…… as a guy this ad has a real bad feel. It is like accidentally making eye contact with a dude in a bar and seeing he is looking at you with more interest than his date. It’s a good thing Obamacare covers those must have sex change operations. She might have a shot.