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    Kawaii ku nei
    Western civilization is… well there’s some kind of problem going on here.
    Remember Aruba and that girl, her mother, and Mr. Dutch Aristocrat with his all powerful Judge father?
    Yea. There’s a reason why Japanese school trips travel in packs, with a minimum of 2 people (not alone) out wandering around, with regular roll calls to make sure nobody is left behind, as they visit foreign countries. The US Army also uses the “buddy system” for similar effect in training and fireteams.

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    The “you are beautiful” line is actually taken as creepy by women because a lot of guys walk up to them and say this. I mean, to them it is honesty, but to the women it is expected behavior. Part of a mating ritual is to not be “part of the commons”. You have to stand out. And if you think a woman is beautiful, but downplay her beauty and highlight one attribute of hers that others have not talked about, you avoid associating yourself with the “negative” experiences she has had in the past. This is a matter of psychological manipulation, when you simplify it, which is something sociopaths are more adept at than honest, straight shooting, straight riding males.
    But you do what you have to, to study the world as it really is. Even the French Aristocrats eventually figured out that the heavy cavalry charge wasn’t “always” going to beat the infantry. Bows and guns may be “Cowardly” and “dishonorable”, but the world “works” like that.
    Pick up Artists, at least the original inventors and researchers, did substantial work experimenting with psychological and hypnotic command sets. The results have been interesting. Like any tool, evil or good comes from the people involved and their results.
    Obama speaks on television and hypnotizes millions of zombies to eat human brains.
    Whereas a savior or human hero may speak and convince a village to raise up in rebellion against tyranny.
    Same tool, different results and objectives.
    The Art of the Conversation is difficult to acquire for males raised on sports and various other mindless entertainment. It takes training, although some males are naturally charismatic and extroverted. For those of us who are not born with such natural talents or who have never undergone the environmental stimuli required to activate our hidden abilities, training is required. My training took the part of mostly interrogation training and learning to read or watch people’s body language. Objective observation in the background was something I liked, as I naturally tended to do that anyways. Being interrogated, having to interrogate others and watching for deception or emotions, are useful abilities. They can even be converted for talking to girls.

  3. Simplemind says

    What do women really want? Ask them. Then do the opposite.
    What does that mean?  What they say out loud, is PR. Its social conditioning to say those things. Its actually what they think they should say and want. It even seems appealing in the abstract. Biology however rules. Women want men, not lapdogs.  You get no points for being timid in the real world.
    Its a funny video because it exaggerates a truth.  

  4. lee says

    As a women, let me just quote:
    I am ashamed that women are so simpleTo offer war where they should kneel for peace,Or seek for rule, supremacy, and sway,Whey they are bound to serve, love, and obey.

  5. Mike Devx says

    That was too funny!  Way way too funny!
    But no it’s not accurate.  Too creepy to be realistic.  But still, the part that was right on was how handsome looks, bedroom eyes and a bedroom voice can cut right through all the other stuff going on, and shut those little ol’ synapses down.

  6. lee says

    Mike Devx–
    I think it’s accurate-ish. At least it was through most of my 20’s, 30’s and into my 40’s. It gets a little over the top, but on the whole–women treat men like crap. The worst part, for me as woman who didn’t treat men like crap, was that there were too many of the first guy still swooning over the women who treated him like crap. Worse still is when they MARRY them. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen men being SCREAMED at by a wife who calls them stupid . Most often is was a couple I didn’t know very well. It reminded me of an Ashleigh Brilliant postcard with a guy on his knees, begging, “Wait! Come back! There’s a part of my face you haven’t stepped on yet!”
    I (shamefully) admit than in my 20’s, I, too, was probably a little too much like that. I remember having a crush on one guy, and another guy–smart, actually kind of cute himself, and very gentlemanly asked me out. But I was too into the cooler, drop-dead gorgeous IDIOT narcissist. (He probably did gaze at his reflection in awe.) On the up side, I never did go out with DDIN… (He turned out to love ‘em and leave ‘em, for the notches in the bed post.)
    But back to women treating men like crap: I am married now to a man who was married for years to a woman who treated him like crap. He still marvels that I “let” him do the things he loves to do without bitching at him about it. I put quotes over “let” because I am not his mother, it is not my call to “let” him do things (or forbid him from doing things.) He is a mature adult, who loves me, and who is his own person. I love him, and I like to think I am a reasonably mature adult. We try and make sure we balance things in our lives. We seem to be doing a good job.

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    A relationship between one woman and one man should be like the functions of two arms and two legs. The left leg does not allow the right leg to move. But if one leg disappeared, the load on the remaining would be extreme. Thus they function together for a common purpose, but also as individual appendages.

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