Same old, same old, which I enliven with predictions for the next twelve months *UPDATED*


Here’s an old joke:

An established comedian invited a friend to join him at a very exclusive “comedian’s club.”  The guest instantly noticed something peculiar.  In the main room, a person would periodically stand up and shout out a number.  “57,” one would say, and a few people in the room would chuckle.  After a moment’s silence, someone would holler, “18,” and be rewarded with a chorus of good-natured “boos.”

This pattern continued for a while, until someone shouted out “77.”  While a few people let out a short bark of laughter, one guy in the corner was utterly beside himself.  He roared with laughter, until tears were rolling down his face.

The guest turned to his host and asked, “What gives?  What is it with these numbers?”

“Well,” the host explained, “it’s like this.  We’re all professional comedians here and, to be honest, there are only so many jokes around.  It got tiring and boring for someone to tell a joke that everyone already knew, so we started assigning them numbers.  It’s kind of like a joke short-hand.  People still laugh — if they want — but it definitely saves time.”

“Okay,” said the guest.  “I get that.  But what about that guy in the corner who collapsed with laughter when someone shouted out ’77’.”

Oh, him,” answered the host.  “I guess he hadn’t heard that joke before.”

Yes, it’s a surreal joke, but it also explains why I’m having problems blogging lately.  When I read a story about Obamacare, I can’t add much to posts I’ve written going all the way back to 2009.  I predicted then what would happen now.  “You’ll find that in posts 384, 943, 6749, and 34052.”  Events in the Middle East?  I foresaw those too, including Obama’s love affair with Iran, and Israel’s and Saudi Arabia’s entirely predictable coming together against that common enemy.  “See posts 3489 and 9492.”  Government data manipulation?  We covered that too, as we did with gun control, amnesty, foreign policy, etc.

I’ve moved out of fresh and into “I told you so.”  As a writer, “I told you so” is boring.  It’s also especially boring for all of you, because you were right there with me, making the same predictions.  We all saw all of this coming.

The only thing that’s kind of newsy now is watching the oh-so-smart Leftists figure out that they’ve been had.  It’s not actually real news, of course, because we all saw this coming too, but it’s still fun to watch.  As to these Obamabots, it’s not just that a specific politician has “had” them.  Their entire ideology is disintegrating in front of their eyes.  Most, of course, will plunge into frenetic denial.  That’s old stuff too.  For 100 years, communists have been saying that communism is perfect; it’s the implementation that’s flawed.  When today’s Leftist’s rant against the president, the party, and the people, they’re foll0wing an old script.

A few Leftists, however, will draw back and say, “We were wrong.  We were wrong about everything.”  That’s been done too.  They’ll be joining David Horowitz, Michael Medved, Thomas Lifson, David Mamet, Sally Zelikovsky, the Power Line guys, and scores of other people who already had their Road to Damascus moment when they realized that Leftism isn’t poorly implemented; it is, instead, fundamentally flawed.  I certainly won’t think as highly of these new converts as I do of the older generation.  The older generation didn’t need to see America’s economic collapse and her fade into international irrelevance to see which way the wind was blowing.

Since everything seems to be “same old, same old,” except even more so, what would be new and exciting news for a blase blogger in the next twelve months?

1.  Obamacare’s repeal, although unscrambling that egg will be virtually impossible.  Even if they wanted to, huge institutions such as heavily-regulated insurance companies and hospitals cannot turn on a dime.  The somewhat functioning market will have been destroyed, which nothing lined up to take its place.  Worse, we know that Republicans politicians are incapable of using the headwinds of repeal to revitalize the free market.  (Remember:  Democrats have bad ideas and effective politicians; and Republicans have good ideas and brain-dead cretins in office.)

2.  A groundswell of popular support for Obama’s impeachment.  Of course, that would leave Biden in charge, which is not a pretty thought.  The likelihood is that, if he could, he’d move Elizabeth Warren into the Veep seat to stymie Hillary.  It would be amusing, but just as bad for America as Obama himself.

3.  Israel’s alliance with the Gulf States to launch a devastating attack against Iran’s missile systems and nuclear centers.  With strong American leadership, this could actually have a good outcome, freeing Iranians from decades of appalling Islamist repression and destabilizing tyrannies in a way that leads to genuine freedom throughout the Middle East.  With our current leadership, a leadership that will have made such an attack necessary in the first place, one can only imagine that the Middle East, the entire Middle East, will manage simultaneously to implode and explode.  The human costs will exceed imagination and, because of oil, those costs will encompass the entire planet.  Canada, Brazil, the US, and other places may be coming up as major oil producers, but losing Middle Eastern oil in a single day would have incalculable consequences on modern life.

4.  The 2014 elections resulting in a Republican sweep the likes of which has never been seen in America.  In a way, though, coming as it would midway through Obama’s so-far disastrous second term, this would also be ho-hum news, even if both House and Senate changed hands.  What would be more interesting would be to see places such as Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Francisco jettison their Democrat ruling class.  I’m not holding my breath on that one.  The residents in those cities routinely use elections to double down on failure.

5.  Obama comes out of the closet.  (And, come on, you know he’s in there.)  That wouldn’t affect anything politically, but it would make for great headlines, especially if Hillary refuses to be one-upped and comes out too.

6.  Schadenfreude here, but I will enjoy watching New York in the first year of the de Blasio administration.  I should start running a pool taking bets as to how long it will take de Blasio to reduce New York to its 1970s status.  We all know that it’s easier and faster to tear down and destroy something than it is to renew and revitalize.

7.  The New York Times will declare bankruptcy.  I see that as inevitable, although would actually be surprised if it happened in the next twelve months.

8.  People definitively reject anthropogenic global warming.  As with the New York Times’ bankruptcy, this is inevitable.  I just don’t see it happening in only 12 months.

9.  Oprah recants and announces that she’s no longer calling for the genocide of “racist” people who don’t support Obama.

10.  Palestinians lay down their arms.  The previous nine hoped-for headlines all have a possibility, even a small one, of coming true.  This one does not, but it sure would be great news, and it would snap me completely out of my writer’s doldrums.

And, for those joining me in ennui, some music:

UPDATE: Hmmm. A James O’Keefe tweet suggests that tomorrow may bring some news we haven’t already heard before.

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    I can live with myself being grounded in reality.  The author of this article is skydiving without a parachute. Reading his unhinged rant gave me great pleasure. The desperation and fear is palatable in his tone. He must have missed the quote: “Elections have consequences.” 

    The National Journal bills itself as “fiercely honest” and “scrupulously non-partisan.”
    The Republican Party stands for nothing. As Barack Obama threatens to fumble away his presidency along with the Democratic Party’s reasons for existence—championing an active, efficient government—the GOP lurches into the leadership breach with … zilch. Rather than be the party of solutions in a gridlocked capital, appealing to a leadership-starved public, the GOP is the party of obstruction, ensuring that its putrid approval ratings nose-dive apace with Obama’s.–politics.html

  • Charles Martel

    My favorite prediction is the demise of the New York Times. Now that a Marxist has been elected mayor of New York City, with the inevitable flight of capital and productive people that will ensue, the Times‘ already disintegrating revenue base will dissolve even more. The beauty of my schadenfreude is that it will be able to feast for years on the dismay of the world’s smartest “journalists” not being able to figure out what the hell went wrong. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    Let me add to that, Hammer: “The world’s smartest journalists, living out their retirements ensconced in trailer parks”.

  • Ymarsakar

    “A few Leftists, however, will draw back and say, “We were wrong.  We were wrong about everything.”
    As I mentioned at Neo’s blog, that’s not what they would have to think to say such things. They would have to accept that:
    1. Their actions have ended their lives
    2. That their lives are rightfully forfeit in order to take responsibility
    Those who cling to life and existence, will never admit that they were wrong. Since humans evolved and survived partially because we refused to Accept Reality. So that even a .01% chance of survival may be capitalized on, and not ignored, because someone just kept refusing to say “I was wrong”.
    So until the LEft admits that they are dead and kills themselve, or is literally dead because they killed themselves… how can they say such things and mean it, Book?

  • Mike Devx

    I’m just sitting back and enjoying watching the Democrats squirm, whine, cry, complain, and reflexively try to blame the Republicans, and reflexively yell “racism” over and over.  They’re yelling “racism” now because they can’t figure out what else to yell.
    The Republicans should just shut up and let the Democrats try to figure it out.  About once per week, Boehner and McConnell could hold a press conference and just repeat the simple refrain:  “Well, the Democrats passed ObamaCare unanimously but without a single Republican vote.  So let’s all hope they’re trying very hard to find a way out of this mess that they caused.  We conservatives have been trying and trying to figure out a way, too, but without scrapping the entire ObamaCare mess, well, it’s a very very hard thing to fix.”
    Wash, Rinse, Repeat.  Over and over.  And say NOTHING else.

  • Mike Devx

    Here’s some more “same old, same old.”
    I visited the ‘real clear politics’ web site before I came here.  They always have an interesting mix of conservative and liberal articles.  Today the liberal headlines were worthy of giggles.
    Ezra Klein’s would be roll-on-the-floor-helplessly-guffawing, if it weren’t for the fact that people actually believe it.  His article’s headline:
    Health Law’s Failings Undermine Republicans
    A Health Law… unanimously passed by Democrats… without a single Republican vote… its failings somehow manage to undermine… Republicans!   HAR!  Ezra Klein with a dunce cap, goes and dribbles drool from his mouth, on a stool in the corner.  I think he’s been listening to Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Nancy Pelosi a little too often.  Oh yeah, and Baghdad Bob.  “We have beaten the Americans soundly!  Saddam is personally directing the rout, and we have the Americans completely on the run!”  HAR!
    The Headline for Richard Kim, in The Nation:
    The Health Care Law: Too Small to Succeed?
    HAR!  Too small?  How could it possibly be any bigger?  It’s already a complete government takeover!  Oh, I know how!  We could actually put the doctors in chains and make them work for pennies!  Actually, he’s right.  It’s not the socialism, it’s the incorrect implementation of socialism!  They couldn’t quite get the Americans to accept complete socialized health care, so… it’s the Americans fault!
    Jason Sengerle of Politico writes an article with this headline:
    The Race That Broke the Cheney Family
    Quick!  Someone rush over to the Cheney house and pick up the broken pieces of their shattered bodies, their shattered family! I am sure they are just lying there on the floor, shattered and shattered.  The Cheneys, broken forever.  HAR!  Oh, woe and alas for the shattered Cheneys!
    Jonathan Capehart in the Washington Post wrote an article with this headline:
    Republicans Out to Destroy Country
    HAR! Yes, those evil Republicans, scheming to deliberately destroy the country!  Destroy the America that they love!  Evil, evil!  You know, I never claim that the Democrats are out to “destroy the country”.  Of course they’re not deliberately trying to destroy it!  (Well, there might be a FEW…)  But the Democrats want to have their cake and eat it too, in a manner that simply isn’t possible.  But “out to destroy the country”?  HAR!
    For one, there wasn’t article there from the Wizdom Kidz at  Salon is always good for a huge belly laugh.  But unfortunately, there wasn’t one today.