The existential despair that comes from living in Obama’s America *UPDATED*

I went to bed depressed and waking up to these Drudge Report headlines reminded me why:

Obamaworld in a Matt Drudge nutshell

The whole Iran-Munich moment has left me believing that Obama is much smarter than we realized.  Even as he was lying to Israel about (a) having her back and (b) not negotiating with Iran, he created a box from which it’s almost impossible for Israel to escape.  There are only bad choices says Yossi Klein Halevi:

Israel’s window of opportunity to launch an effective strike is closing. It is now measured in months, not years. The deal, worry Israelis, could further narrow that window.

Israelis note that the deal doesn’t cover inspections of Iran’s nuclear weaponization program, including fuses, timers and metallurgy, which will no doubt continue apace. And Israel takes for granted that the Iranians will persist in doing what they’ve done all along: lie and cheat, but this time under the cover of a deal. In every previous rounds of negotiations, after all, the Iranians continued building secret facilities. All of which could mean further reducing Israel’s timetable for a strike.

If Israel concludes that its window is closing and does decide to strike, even while the deal remains in effect, it risks becoming an international pariah—in effect exchanging roles with Iran. On the morning after an Israeli strike, Israel could find itself alone, facing tens of thousands of missiles from Hezbollah and Iran launched against its home front.


During the first Obama administration, the urgent Israeli question was: Is he is a friend of the Jewish state? That question was largely resolved for many Israelis during the President’s visit to Israel last March, when he won over much of the public by affirming the Jewish roots in the land of Israel and the indigenousness of Israel in the Middle East, as well as Israel’s past efforts to make peace.

Now, though, Israelis are asking this: After eight years of President Obama, will the Middle East be a safer or more dangerous region for Israel?

For most Israelis the answer is self-evident. The turning point came this summer, when Obama hesitated to enforce his own red line over Syria. That was the moment that he lost the trust of the Israeli public on Iran.

This is chess on a malevolent scale.  It was also probably a planned move.  Never forget that the Los Angeles Times has hidden in its vaults a videotape of Obama speaking at a radical pro-Palestinian gathering.  The fact that the LA Times refuses to release the video has long led people to assume that Obama says something along the lines of “I’ll take care of Israel for you.”

We at this blog knew that Obama was never a friend to Israel, and was always doing whatever he could to curry favor with Islamist regimes. (Witness his love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood.)  It turns out that this wasn’t just a feeling, but was a goal to which he committed himself, even though it required the use of fraud and chicanery.  (And let’s not forget the quite obviously faked “long form” birth certificate, which almost certainly hides the fact that the father about whom Obama dreamed in Bill Ayer’s best-selling Obama autobiography probably wasn’t his real father.)

Indeed, Obama’s presidency is proving to have been built entirely on fraud.  Not just lies, which are often merely self-exculpatory or self-aggrandizing, but on fraud, which is the deliberate use of lies and information withholding in order to get people to change their position to their detriment and to your benefit.  He told Americans and Israelis lies, knowing that they were lies, for the specific purpose of getting both America and Israel to change their position to their detriment and to Obama’s benefit.

In the case of Obamacare, the (knowing and known) lies were that (a) you could keep your plan; (b) you could keep your doctor; and (c) average insurance costs would drop $2,500 per year for a family.  He told these lies to strip Americans of their insurance and pave the way for socialized medicine.

In the case of Israel, he repeatedly told Israel that (a) he would never abandon her and (b) he would work to end Iran’s nuclear aspirations.  These lies meant that Israel did not strike against Iran when the striking was relatively easy (as was the case in the strike against the Syrian nuclear facility).  Now, as Halevi showed, even if Israel successfully strikes Iran, Hezbollah is on her border with thousands of missiles aimed at her.  Moreover, having now struck this deal with Iran, Obama won’t have America’s back if she strikes; he’ll join the chorus of disapproval isolating Israel.

In the past, when Israel had her back against the wall, she came out swinging.  Thanks to Obama’s fraud, her hands may well be tied.

Do you remember the headline horror of 9/11?  I do.  Since we were on the West Coast, we woke up in time to turn on the television and see the towers fall.   I don’t need to find words to tell you what that felt like because you were there and you remember.  You felt it too — that sense of watching a train race towards a giant canyon, where the bridge is out, and there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable carnage.  Every day, I wake up now, grab my iPad, and, driven by a fierce compulsion, open it, expecting that Obamaworld will show me headlines fully equal to the despair and horror of 9/11.

UPDATE:  The wonderful image that Matt Drudge used this morning comes from Jon Gabriel.

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  • Ymarsakar

    If you like your country, you can keep it, period.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, it’s not enough. Even if 1000 people die from torture, even if 3000 people die from torture, it’s enough to generate the hate needed to have a chance of winning a war against the Left.
    100 WACOs, minimum. Not merely in casualty counts of children and families (statistics), but in terms of psychological damage over time.
    First hate and resolve are required. Then control and logistics are needed. We haven’t even gotten beyond step number 1 here.
    The Left has dictators 1000 times worse than Obama, waiting to replace him. This won’t be over in 2016, no matter what people like to think.

  • JKB

    I doubt that is true.  Obama is a pathological narcissist in a position of power.  As he declines, he’ll try to take us all with him.  And decline he will.  What happens to a narcissist in a preprogramed decline to irrelevancy as is the US term limits on the presidency are?  Normal men set their legacy and move on.  But Obama will not go quietly.  Will he have to be frog marched out of the White House on the cold January morning in 2017?  

  • Ymarsakar

    “it’s enough to generate the hate needed to have a chance of winning a war against the Left.”
    Correction, that should be “not enough”. Thus reversing the meaning, again.
    “Will he have to be frog marched out of the White House on the cold January morning in 2017?  ”
    Oh I don’t mean they’ll definitely replace him in 2016. I mean for those that think kicking him out of the White House in 2016, have problems. Obama can always claim “President for Life” status based on any number of martial law criteria or emergencies. But even if he dies or someone gets rid of him, there’s always somebody else on the Left ready to step in. That is the nature of the Left, thus the long view is recommended for an analysis of war odds, strategies, etc.

  • Matt_SE

    I disagree. Obama was a confluence of several factors, the likes of which won’t come again for a long time. Obama, by succeeding in his agenda, is destroying leftism in this country. The preference cascade is starting with Obamacare as people find out how much it will cost them. The cascade will continue as more of the administration’s positions are scrutinized.
    This man is a disaster on every front. The only thing we have to worry about now is the irreparable damage; something like Israel getting nuked. Everything else can be fixed, considering that the electorate is getting a long-overdue education on leftism.