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    Is it me or has youtube gotten more sophisticated now that individuals have figured out how to use it for advertisement and how to create small cells and bottom up hierarchies?
    Just 5 years ago, I remember it being a bunch of stupid kids doing Punkbuster and JackA$$ type productions. Although that’s probably still on there.

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    Good question, Ymarsakar.  I think it’s gotten much ore sophisticated.  It used to be amateur hour.  Now people recognize it as a revenue enhancer.  I thought this was a brilliant idea:  put together an extremely clever mash-up, and then attach a polite commercial to the end.

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    Now that I think about it, America could probably run 90% of what the federal government and state govs do, via kickstarter.
    With the internet as the blood fluid transmitting knowledge and allowing organization, this is like what roads did for Empires.

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