Would history have been different if Teddy Kennedy had read “The Art of Manliness” blog?

Can you imagine how different American history would have been if Edward Kennedy had read The Art of Manliness blog and learned how to escape from a sinking car?  There’s a very good chance that, without a negligent homicide in his past, he might have been president.  After all, in Democrat circles, he was considered the Kennedy’s last fair-haired boy, and that was despite the blood on his hands.

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  • sabawa

    Blood on one’s hands isn’t the same as pushing Granny off the cliff, you know!  Edward had an accident and the pushers are just mean!   Ok, I lost my mind there for a minute.  
    I assume one big difference would be the racist word wouldn’t have been thrown around quite as much.

  • jj

    No, I don’t see it.  The rest of the family considered him as ranking just below the Hyannis Port cat in terms of native intelligence.  He was the butt of everything, and I think even old Joe would have said: ‘Teddy?  President?  Oh, Christ – no!”  Everybody recognized what a slim reed he was, how morally flawed he was – just as bad as his brothers but without any of their deviousness or charm to conceal it – and considered him about the way we all consider Joe Biden today.  (Although he was shyer than Biden.  His brothers and father had beaten him into timidity, and he’d go weeks without opening his mouth, afraid something stupid would come out and somebody’d hit him.  Whereas Biden can’t control himself for three minutes, stupid stuff comes out all the time, and nobody hits him.)
    No.  Actual responsibility was not at any time ever in the cards for this guy, and the family knew it well, and so did those around them.  One must believe that, by extrapolation, so did the rest of the powers-that-were in the democrat operation.  Well before Chappaquiddick he’d already been thrown out of college for cheating, he’d already had all kinds of troubles with all kinds of girls – and he wasn’t smooth enough (or ruthless enough, qua Bobby) to pull any of it off.  The bridge just iced the cake, it was already baked.

  • Robert Arvanitis

    The prior commenters are correct.
    The real point is that Art of Manliness tells a real man HOW.
    But you must have the precedent…

  • JD

    Ahh. Wicked Wanda and Ted Kennedy. What a pair.


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Senator for Life was good enough for what the Leftist feminists call a “lion of a man”.

  • Gringo

    A childhood friend worked one summer at the Kennedy family compound in Hyannisport. His short assessment of the summer: the Kenndys present themselves as rich people with a conscience, but are just rich people. His memories of Ted: laid out on the floor or on the couch, sleeping off a bender. No surprise there.
    During this time, the press was harping on how Ted’s  then-wife Joan was an alcoholic. That the press didn’t publish anything about Ted’s drinking problems shows how much the press was in the tank for the Kennedys. No surprise there.
    While jj is correct about Ted’s abilities, when has incompetence stopped a Democrat from getting nominated for President?