1. Call me Lennie says

    I’ve done a couple of parodies of my own, although I have no ability to turn them into videos.  One is called “The End of Healthcare as we Know It” based on the REM tune “The End of The World As We Know It”  And the other is “The 12 Days of O-care”
    What’s most notable about these threads is the extraordinary vicious and deranged reaction from left-wingers; the incredible vitriol being directed at me personally.  I’ve been posting at this website for 2 years and this mob assault on my work is several quantum leaps beyond unprecendented.  Lefties are scared, Bookie 

  2. Caped Crusader says

    Everyone is giving me way too much credit, for this is in the “public realm”. It may have been forwarded from an old high school chum from the 1940′s; or a cousin of my wife may have been forwarded it. But thanks for the compliment!

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