Victor Davis Hanson summarizes the madness of the past few years


One of the things I like about VDH’s writing is that he has really splendid opening paragraphs.  An article he wrote about the pain America’s socialist experiment inflicts upon us (and you should read the whole article) starts with these wonderful paragraphs:

What will history make so far of our five-year voyage with Barack Obama? What will it make of hope and change — other than a sort of hysteria of 2008 that was a political version of the Pet Rock or the Cabbage Patch Doll derangement? Did we really experience faux-Greek columns and Latin mottoes (vero possumus) as Obama props to usher in the new order of the ages?

What exactly made David Brooks focus on trouser creases, or Chris Matthews on involuntary leg tickles? How could any serious person believe a candidate who promised to change the very terrain of the planet? Why would sober critics declare a near rookie senator “a god”?

Only as America slowly sobers up from five years of slumber can we begin to fathom Obama’s likely legacy — which is mostly wisdom acquired only from pain.

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  1. Matt_SE says

    As I’ve said before, I was as upset about 2012 as anybody. But I slowly came to the understanding that Obama needed to be reelected in order to discredit liberalism.
    Obama is just a symptom…a symptom of a dissolute public drowning in a sea of pop culture. The only way they were going to change was through pain. Lots of pain.
    Pain brought by Reality, which cannot be argued against.
    This is the Great Correction, when people will be forced to reevaluate their positions in light of new evidence.

  2. Charles Martel says

    While I agree with Matt that a Great Correction looms, my fear is that people will “reevaluate their positions in light of new evidence” and decide that they prefer the safety and assurance of an outright dictatorship.
    Under such a system we would be reduced to acting like the Russians under Communism, where the populace was determined to enforce mass misery by making sure every man stayed at the same abysmal material level (except for apparatchiks).
    If that mindset sounds familiar, it should. It is pretty much what leftists believe. It has infected a large percentage of our population, which has no clue how to persist by using its own resources and looks reflexively at the government for succor and sustenance. The aftermath of Katrina and Sandy showed just how deep the infection is.

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