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If you’re a politically conservative Jew looking for intellectual food on the internet, or if you’re just a conservative (not Jewish) looking for more to read on the internet, check out The Jewish Voice and Opinion, a publication that has been promoting traditional Jewish thought and conservative politics for 25 years.  Here’s how it describes itself:

The Jewish Voice and Opinion speaks out forcefully and unashamedly for the unique concerns of what we have termed “classical Judaism.” As a politically conservative Jewish publication, we take as our mission to present news and feature articles not generally available elsewhere in the Jewish or secular media.

Now in its 25th year, The Jewish Voice and Opinion has been influential in religious and political circles throughout the United States, Israel, and elsewhere. It is often quoted and reprinted. It has been admired, feared, often debated, but never ignored.

Please check it out.

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  • Gringo

    Which reminds me. Last year I subscribed to the print version of Commentary. When Commentary wanted me to renew at a much higher price, I declined to renew.
    An anecdote follows about Jews and conservatives. I knew of  a Poly Sci professor who was both Jewish and conservative. As he and his wife had fled Austria after Hitler took over the country, one may ask how in the world this man became a conservative.
    A conservative is by definition someone who is in favor of conserving. The Nazis, upon taking power, did anything but maintain the status quo. Radical change followed radical change. When I looked at the issue this way, I understood how a Jewish refugee from Hitler could become a conservative.