Gathering together a small sampling of the good stuff

Victorian posy of pansiesA rising San Francisco tech yuppie said what all the hard-working young San Franciscans think about the homeless and derelicts who swarm San Francisco’s streets but that none dare to say aloud.  (I remember well the quiet grumbling about the homeless back in my young days as a downtown yuppie, before political correctness permanently disabled saying such things.)  Needless to say, he’s in big trouble.

I’m not the only one who gets confused about the day on which Pearl Harbor falls.

Sometimes, people who are obsessive compulsive can harness that compulsive energy to create the most amazing beauty.

Despite the Left’s relentless, shrill, well-funded efforts, Americans did not buy into gun control in the year since a crazy man attacked an elementary school.

David Gerstman points out that al Qaeda is indeed on the run — but, contrary to our president’s past boasts, that’s not a good thing.  Gerstman shows definitively that al Qaeda is running to a variety of countries that haven’t previously hosted this anti-American jihadist organization, and then making itself at home there.

A small town police chief reads Kanye West the riot act.  It’s wonderful.

This might be the best paragraph written today:  “Okay, let’s give President Obama some credit. He promised openness, not honesty. You get to see the village. If it’s a Potemkin Village, that’s your problem.”

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  • Ymarsakar

    Entertainers buy into their self deception protocols they use for acting so much, they think they are the same as the heroes, explorers, and risk takers as they portray. Although in reality, they are the same as the wife beaters, the drug addicts, and the violent crooks in movies they portray.

    I ran Michael J White through a psychological profile, when he was interviewed on another subject. One thing he said that surprised me was that he noticed that Hollywood actors are treated as heroes for playing heroes. The fact that he noticed this and openly denied Hollywood virtue, surprised me. That’s an example that he isn’t in line very much with the circle dance.
    MJW’s martial art level is also at a point where I can respect. You can notice it when you watch his tutorial videos. So if you want movies that your Democrat friends won’t activate their anti American bomb shelters for, check out this guy’s movies. And slip in that knife.

  • Ymarsakar

    Oh btw, your page “Book” no longer has any comments on it.
    Don’t think it made the conversion.

  • MacG

    The OCD snow artist looks like the sensei for the crop circle guys.  Abomominable Snow circles?

  • Ymarsakar

    Have you seen what people are talking about and reacting at to this, Book?
    These are some crazy mofos.
    If I had been like that at a publicly renowned conservative or neo con blog between 2008-2012, they would have put me on a watchlist and dropped me over the Mari trench (after IRS).
    But now that the “static” is on the net, it’s less risky to openly talk about such things. So if anyone had wondered why I’m only now talking about the things I always believed were true… I just tell people I’m a Keyboard Warrior, some guy on the internet that thinks he knows what’s going on, and no real threat at all. If I ever get to the point where I feel like I’m in an Echo Chamber, I know there’s a profile going on.
    I’m just your regular Draco (riot) + Helen Losse. Just a normal Democrat fearing, Islamic faithful believer. Yep sirree.
    Make sure to keep your head down, Book, and emphasize your Democrat connections. You never know who amongst the Marin community is an infiltrator or Stazi spy. And again, I’m not kidding.

  • Libby

    As always, Ramirez captures the true essence of the Mandela memorial scandal: