1. says

    “Devastatingly funny’ describes it to a ‘T’
    The org ‘Get Covered’ is a self-parody
    As a parody the rap is working great
    Government not religion is the people’s opiate
    BTW, the opening riff is a direct sample (rip-off) of Laid Back’s hit ‘White Horse’.

  2. says

    Robert Arvanitis, don’t let any kids watch this, btw. I suspect the repetitions are commands to authorize the ethics and morality of those susceptible to hypnotism.
    Those who can be easily hypnotized are susceptible to remote video hypnotism and commands as well. Those who are older, have a strong self identity, or have conditioned themselves to resist interrogation, torture, and psych manipulation will have less to worry about.

  3. Caped Crusader says

    Can you think of a greater hoot than to be in Convention Hall in Philadelphia at the finalizing of the Constitution, and being a time traveler, setting this video up, and telling the delegates this is the country they are creating two hundred years into the future. Would you not love to see and record their reactions, comments, and utter bewilderment? Boggles the mind! Several would probably stroke out on the spot!


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