An Obamacare parable from Lulu

Lulu wrote an Obamacare parallel that I think you’ll enjoy:

A Jacket Parable

m_0355_light_gray_ziphoodieLet’s say you live in a mild climate and the vast majority of the time the only jacket you need is a plain grey zip up hoodie. So, every year you replace your worn out hoodie for a new one and you are happy. You get it from Sears and it costs about 20 bucks, totally within your budget and meeting your needs.

But there are some people in your community who have really elegant jackets, and then there are some who have no jacket at all, maybe just a vest, or they can borrow a hoodie when they feel cold. Your boss says he has a great idea so that everyone can get jackets. He says that there will be a few changes but that if you like the jacket you have you can keep it and if you like where you buy it, you can continue to go there. So, you agree.

Jacket with rhinestones and furBummer then when your boss says that actually you can’t get your hoodie anymore because it isn’t meeting your needs. You need to get a new jacket that is waterproof, UV protected, warm to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, with rhinestones on the back, a faux fur collar, and a zippable pocket for your cell phone. The cost for this required jacket is $125 and is available only from Neiman-Marcus.

But, “I don’t want all these features,” you cry. “I live in a benign climate. I don’t need a jacket this warm. Plus, I’m a dude. I don’t want the rhinestones or faux fur.” You are told that this is the law. Being forced to get features on your jacket that you don’t want will buy a jacket for other people. You are told you have to go on line and buy the jacket you don’t want. Your simple grey hoodie is confiscated.

Empty refrigeratorYou go on line and the system is down. You try again and again because you are losing your hoodie and will break the law if you have no jacket. You find out that the personal data you entered into the system isn’t protected.

Your boss tells you that you will love your new jacket and that you might not understand enough to realize that your hoodie isn’t a good enough jacket. Meanwhile you can’t buy groceries because your new jacket costs so much.

The End

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  • lee

    let’s not forget that winter is coming, the weather is chilling. you may or may not need a jacket, or the hoodie thety confiscated. but you stll haven’t gotten your “new, improved” jacket.
    meanwgile, needless markup is sending ’em out in credit. some people have new jackets. but they may or may not get around to payong for ’em–if they feel like it. menahwile, n-m goes out of business because not enough people actually paid for their jackets. 
    in a few short years, you’re waiting on line at GUM, for a vest—no hood, no sleeves, and not really all that warm.
    you really miss that hhoodie…

  • Earl

    Excellent job, Lulu!!
    A child can understand your parable…..not that your progressive friends will.
    Of course, they’ll probably “get it”, and have no argument against it, and then call you names!

  • Libby

    I love it!
    I’d only add that the new jacket includes no hood, which some (genetically) bald older people people needed to keep warm (like cancer treatments). These people were told that they could pay a Neiman-Marcus tailor to add a hood at great personal expense, but considering they’ve lived most of their life already, maybe they should just give up their new coat to someone younger & more stylish who could make better use it.

  • Ymarsakar

    I’m not a fashion critic, but this seems down to earth.

  • Tonestaple

    But you have overlooked a brand new feature!  Now, even though you thought you could wait until January, or at least after Christmas, to buy your stunning new jacket, someone has now taken all of your jacket money out of your checking account and no one will tell you who took it or where they put it because it surely did not end up wit Neiman Marcus.

  • ami

    I’d add that there are some people who chose not to wear a jacket at all, deciding that if they got cold, they’d either buy a jacket or manage without one. After all, they’re the ones smart enough to know when to wear a jacket. Now everyone has to wear a jacket. Except for the people who are making us wear them. They don’t have to wear a jacket, as they’re quite comfortable where they are.

  • 11B40

    If only the government had entitled Trayvon Martin to one of those Kevlar hoodies.

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