Must-see video that exposes the antisemitism driving the BDS movement *UPDATED*

Yesterday, I suggested that you get a good laugh by watching a slobberingly loving Obamacare rap.  Today, I insist that you watch this powerful, hypnotic video about the manifest antisemitism that drives the “Boycott, Divest and Sanction” (or “BDS”) movement against Israel, the world’s only Jewish nation:

And if you’re feeling so inclined, you might want to make a donation to Stand With Us or CAMERA, both of which exist to fight back against the canards leveled against Israel.

Hat tip:  Lulu

UPDATE:  And more on the good, old-fashioned antisemitism driving BDS.

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  1. Robert Arvanitis says

    Book – Glad you insisted.
    Excellent reminder of the shameless hypocrisy of the left.
    Believe it was Glenn Reynolds who noted the “Left-statists are ruthless, lawless, power-grabbing ideologues.”

  2. Michael Adams says

    Evidence of torture at Guantanamo, other than the claims of detainees, whose own training manuals tell them to make such claims, has been most notable for its absence.

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