Please help pro-American rock group Madison Rising

I got this in my email today:

Dear Patriot,

The goal of our Star Spangled Banner Challenge is to reach 5 million views on our Star Spangled Banner video by December 31st and show all the naysayers that Americans still believe in this country and in our National Anthem.

We are currently at 4.9 MILLION views – but we need YOUR help to make sure we can get that through that last 2% by the end of the year.

So – we’re asking all of our fans to PLEASE watch the video and share it any way you can – on Facebook, through email, on Twitter, or just by telling other people about it.

Take the Challenge: Help Madison Rising reach 5 million views by December 31, 2013 and let’s celebrate what being an American is all about!

As a thank you for being a fan, please enjoy this free download of our new blockbuster track, Hero:

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  1. says

    I’m largely unaware about your musical likes and dislike, Bookworm, or for that matter those of the others here at Bookworm Room, and whether they extend to rock music. I know for sure that I at least like rock music, especially the older, classical rock music, many times dating back from before I was even born – in general, I don’t  like the modern, more poppy, soft, mushy, electronic-music influenced ‘rock’ so much. I am also quite into heavy metal of different varieties, something I suppose is likely beyond what is pleasing or even merely palatable to most people around here.
    Anyway, that being said… Some conservatives, like yourself, Bookworm, are giving ‘thumbs up’ to a band like Madison Rising and by doing that showing they find at least some redeeming qualities in the rock music genre – in which I for now include metal, and this probably largely extends to popular music genres in general. Some conservative thinkers, however, like Diana West, Allan Bloom, Roger Kimball and Roger Scruton, don’t hold to a positive view of rock music and they have written and/or spoken (very) critically about it, not rarely extending their views to a categorical rejection of rock music – Diana West and Allan Bloom in particular have scathing indictments, while Kimball had Bloom as a teacher. These conservatives and like those that “follow” them, will likely not see any value in rock music for conservative or patriotic purposes.
    To add to this, some conservatives are into the separation of ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture, rock music usually being a prime example of what is perceived as low culture, which is implied to be inferior, bad, unpalatable and for lowly, unpleasant, uncultured barbarian folks. Also, last but not least, a certain portion of religious Christians has certain opinions regarding rock music. Many times this means a categorical rejection. 
    I am bringing this up only to show that perspectives on rock and other popular music greatly differ, also and especially within what can be broadly described as the conservative movement. At least a – possibly significant – portion of conservatives disapproves of rock music altogether and would certainly not agree with the use of rock music for conservative and patriotic purposes. 

    • says


      My musical tastes are unorthodox.  It’s easier to say what I don’t like:  I don’t like opera, I don’t like musical tone poems, I don’t particularly like R&B and soul, and I really don’t like hard core rap.  Other than defining what I don’t like, I find it hard to define what I do like.  I’m open to most popular music from the 1910s through to the present day.

  2. Michael Adams says

    I listened.  It was quite  nice.  Would that every patriotic act required of me were so easy.
    Regarding heavy metal. a friend of mine is the volunteer music director at a Baptist church out in the sticks, in which the entire ‘choir’ is composed of heavy metal fans.  My friend is a “Bach to rock” eclectic sort of guy, He copes, however. 

  3. says

    Heavy metal’s single issue is the decibel loudness that leads to deafeness. That’s not much of an issue with variable volume control over youtube.
    Thus the internet strips “culture” from music.

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