Prancer, Dancer, and Vixen

Phil-Robertson-813x1024I linked obliquely to this video yesterday, but as the Phil Robertson matter heats up, I want to include the following Obamacare video here, with its focus on getting gay  men to sign up.  Please be warned that the video is vaguely NSFW.  There’s no bad language, nudity, or sex, but it’s full of partial nudity and gay sexual allusions that may make you and your colleagues uncomfortable.

As Dan Calabrese notes, although the government probably didn’t fund the video, it’s almost certain that taxpayer dollars funded the video indirectly.  The bigger point, however, is this one:

Now before you start disputing the comparison between this and the Phil Robertson situation, let’s get it straight. Yes, this is a video on YouTube and Phil Robertson could do one of those too. I’m talking about the broader stance of the prevailing culture. Robertson cites and embraces scriptural teaching on homosexuality, and he is suspended because A&E is “disappointed” in him for what he said. These guys prance around in a clear and unmistakable celebration of a) gay sex; and b) ObamaCare; and that’s perfectly fine because hey, what are you, some sorta bigot or something?

Please note that neither Calabrese nor I are saying this video shouldn’t have been made.  What he says, and I agree with this, is that in a truly free society, both videos get made, rather than having the one supporting traditional values get axed.

Two more things:

(1) Couldn’t they have gotten a better singer? Her voice is dreadful.

(2) Is it a coincidence in this carefully staged set piece that one of the prancers and dancers is wearing dog tags?

(I didn’t come up with my clever post title.  The friend who emailed me the link did, and it was such a delicious line that I had to borrow it.)

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  • Libby

    I don’t watch Duck Dynasty but I’ve seen them mentioned enough times in the news to know that they are unabashedly Christian (e.g. refused to heed A&E’s request that they stop referring to Jesus on the show), and in general, they have an “F.U. if you don’t like me” attitude. How refreshing. I imagine that as with Paula Deen, fans will rebel by buying up their books and other merchandise. How A&E and the publisher then respond should be interesting (for example, last I heard, Paula Deen’s employer was looking to get her back on TV).
    As for the “Gaystapo,” Kevin DuJaun over at HillBuzz has chronicled their ugly behavior in Chicago’s Boystown when they think they’re among friends. It is truly hateful, intolerant, and downright disturbing. Funny that they can put out a video that amplifies gay stereotypes, but if this had been made by an outsider (non-GLAAD approved entertainer, organization, etc.) in attempt to appeal to this demographic they would be denounced as condescending, homophobic haters. Like the DD guys, they probably don’t give a fig about whether people approve of this, but the video and witch hunt does cost them support from people who would normally just react to their cause with a shrug and a, “Live and let live” attitude.

  • Ymarsakar

    and people wonder why I have firewalls galore to block out Western entertainment?
    I don’t just block it out, I replace it. It’s been replaced for a reason. Just like a ball put into the ocean, if it is full of nothing, the pressure on it is enormous. But if it is filled with something, the pressure equalizes more.
    The Left relies on long term indoctrination processes where the mere pressure of their shifting grind will assimilate the masses over time.
    Are you sure it was her voice you found bad and not something else?

  • Wolf Howling

    1.  A “little uncomfortable?”  Book, that video is right out of Barney Frank’s id.  
    2.  Gays have every right to run whatever video they want, including the above.  But they, nor the rest of the left, have the right to shut down opposing viewpoints.  A&E needs to pay a price for this political correctness run amok, as do the entire left who are set on punishing any speech or ideas with which they disagree.  

  • Ymarsakar

    Hate speech is only bad when spoken be patriots. When the gays and the other activists make regular patriots out to be sub human animals worthy of being gotten “rid of”, oh that’s not hate speech. That’s Correct Speech.

  • Charles Martel

    “Barney Frank’s id.”
    That phrase is a clear case of where telling can be just as powerful as showing. Thanks for an image that will haunt me till my evening beer, Wolf.

  • Earl

    Rush said this morning that the DD show closes every episode with a family meal at which prayer is offered.  They were asked to stop this – as well as the mentioning of “Jesus” – and they said “No, thanks.”  Good for them!
    He further predicted that there is not likely to be any inclination from the family to continue without Phil…..and that, modern capitalism being what it is, another cable channel will pick up the show.  Apparently, it is the highest rated cable show…..ever.
    I suspect that A&E is going to be made very sorry not to have suggested to GLAAD, et al that the First Amendment covers Phil’s interview, and that there is nothing “hateful” about reflecting on the Biblical opposition to anything other than married male-female sexual activity. 
    I say the preceding “hopefully”.

  • Mike Devx

    A&E will lose because of this, and they should.  I’m sick and tired of people not being able to say what they think.
    I am in favor of boycotts as an avenue to force change.  But I would never support a boycott based on someone simply speaking their mind.  I’m damned tired of all of this.
    AS for the gay Obamacare video, I haven’t seen it, but if it is the one making the rounds the last two days – I did see that one last night – it doesn’t seem much more offensive than a similar-length ad for, say, Victoria Secret products.  As I watched it, I was expecting far worse… aside from being pathetic and silly, that is.  The Miley Cyrus video awards performance was FAR worse to me…
    What is offensive to me is if that ad was produced by the government or for the government, but no similar ads targeting conservative or religious people are produced.  I certainly haven’t seen an Obamacare ad aimed at very religious people.

  • Ymarsakar

    A lot of Obama’s defender says that AE has the right to talk bad about Christians too. The debate is framed around Ducks being hate speech but gays being happy and correct speech.
    What they don’t want to allow words about concerns how gays engage in hate speech.