An informal poll of the younger generation yields surprising results

Man plugging his nose from odorAlthough some children right up through their teenage years are outliers, for the most part their political views and statements tend to be what they hear at home.  During the Bush era, the neighborhood kids ran around chanting “Bush is evil.”  In 2008, elementary school children proudly announced “I’m going to vote for Obama because he’s black.”

So what to make of this:

My  teenager asked me out of the blue, “Is Obama a really bad president, Mom?”

I said to him, “You know I think he is, so why are you asking?”

His reply stunned me.  “Do you remember, Mom,  how back when Obama was first elected, all my friends said they were going to vote for him?  Now, all the kids are going around saying ‘Obama sucks.’”

I’m tempted to say that, if you’ve lost the high school age people in Marin, you’ve lost America.

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  1. says

    The Germans also thought politics were rotten.
    The thing is, once it gets to this point, it becomes almost impossible to reconstruct centralized authority. A people that fought central tyranny, is just going to put in place another strong federal system to control whom exactly?
    The US Revolutionary War broke away from the dependence of Britain, but eventually had to reconstruct itself based upon state vs federal powers. Because while they had to band together to fight a common foe, they did not trust anyone to rule over anyone else, thus they fragmented and had certain problems like with Indian treaties and trade.
    The separation of church and state no longer holds true in the US, due to the combination of death cult + environmental faith + Obama deus ex machina god + regime power.
    If people fight a war, even assuming they win it, they will not reimpose a rule that failed to protect them. So it’s not like a revolution or a civil war makes us go backwards to some golden age. It often creates concepts and ideals in people’s heads that would never have existed otherwise.
    If people didn’t fix America’s problems, and soon, civil war was going to happen. But civil war wasn’t going to fix anybody’s problems. After all, the first one didn’t even fix slavery completely.

  2. says


    You are right, of course.  My logic would say that, if the Left has been lying all along about everything, then why should I believe the way they demonized conservatives.  Most people, sadly, will just think “even a stopped clock is right twice a day,” and conservatives must therefore be as evil as the lying Left says they are.

    • JKB says

      I hope that the hipsters now seeing GW Bush as a pretty good guy will prompt them to question what they’ve been told about Bush and then conservatives.  It is in the discontinuities that we learn.  

  3. sabawa says

    There might be wisdom out there, and reason.  Please.  Even the press is letting some whining dribble from their lips.  If those Marin kids see it in doses, there is hope, right?  BTW, I named my second daughter Marin which has nothing to do with this discussion…..just thought I would share.

  4. Gringo says

    During the Bush era, the neighborhood kids ran around chanting “Bush is evil.”  In 2008, elementary school children proudly announced “I’m going to vote for Obama because he’s black.”
    I am reminded of some 2008 post-election exchanges with libs who, when confronted with the observation that Obama got some votes simply because he was black, would vehemently reply that people voted for Obama solely because they perceived him to be the best candidate.
    As you point out, children tend to get their political views from their parents. If elementary school children were saying that the color of Obama’s skin merited a vote for him, a lot of their parents were also saying the same thing.
    I wonder if in future years if some libs who voted for Obama not because of his qualifications, but because of the color of his skin, will openly admit to it- and will also regret having done so.
    [My opinion that Obama's skin color was why a certain proportion of the white population voted for him was based my  having been born and raised in deepest blue lib-land. It's a no-brainer that blacks voted for Obama in the same manner that those of Irish descent voted for JFK- he's our guy.]

  5. Danny Lemieux says

    The solution is to blame the Left:
    Tell people that “We, Fox News, conservatives, Republicans. libertarians and other Middle Class spokespersons have been trying to warn people about this for years, but the Media, Democrats and the Left have been drowning out all of our voices with hatefest demagoguery to make sure that nobody could hear us.” 

    • JKB says

      I disagree.  Don’t blame the Left.  People block out negativity.  Same with all the anti-abortion, etc.
      The conservatives need to celebrate all those things the War on Joy army opposes.  
      American Exceptionalism – don’t debate it, just assert it, give examples, speak of it lovingly
      Guns – Don’t argue, just speak of their beauty, the thrill of shooting, the utility in crisis.
      Power – don’t engage the alternative nuts, just speak of the joy of reliable, affordable power.  The improvement it brings to lives, the freedom from drudgery.
      Use language like this:
      Similarly the American who has been humbled by poverty, or by his insignificance in the business order, or by his racial status, or by any other circumstance that might demean him in his own eyes, gains a sense of authority when he slides behind the wheel of an automobile and it leaps forward at his bidding, ready to take him wherever he may personally please.  

  6. says

    “People block out negativity.”
    That’s not entirely true.
    People don’t trust in authorities once that authority is weakened in power or respect. So long as you attack the Left with that in mind, you can break their trust and faith in the Left, but not increase your own. But that’s enough. That’s more than enough in a battle.
    Supporting and bolstering the morale of one’s allies, that’s a different operation than an offensive attack. Trying to combine operations or create the perfect plan in war, is not a good idea. It breaks the KISS rule as well as invites Murphy’s wrath.
    So I would agree with Danny in saying poking the Left where it hurts. But it’s not the solution, just a solution. And the method to achieve the goal, isn’t to make excuses for why we are “right”. But to explain why they are child molestors and thus “wrong”. Break the authority’s grip, and few people will listen to them, no matter what they say. This doesn’t make them believe us, but that’s not the goal of the operation. Let the salesmen, “sell” the ideas. The work of attackers is to attack. Not look behind them to see what is going on with the defense.

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