Friday morning round-up and Open Thread

Victorian posy of pansiesRoger Simon is a little wrong when he talks about A&E’s decision to fire Phil Robertson violating the First Amendment.  Only government can violate the First Amendment.  Having said that, Simon is right about everything else, insofar as it boils down to this:  What we are seeing is the ascendency of the thought police who, through coercion, lies, threats, and economic pressure are stifling speech, thought, and religion in America.  Just because it’s not the government doing it doesn’t mean it’s not a bad, a very bad, thing, and that’s true whether or not you agree with Robertson’s statements.

Funnily enough, the media wasn’t bent out of shape at all back in the day when Al Sharpton called someone “a faggot” on air.  It’s not just the stifling political correctness, it’s the hypocrisy.

Incidentally, just as an aside here, Robertson was mostly quoting from the Bible.  Are the PC brigade, aided and abetted by the American media, now saying that all Biblical references are homophobic and must be banned.

A surprising source supports Robertson:  Harvey Levin, a gay, Jewish editor at TMZ who, to his great credit, fully understands what’s going on and is honest enough to admit it.  I doubt Levin and I are on the same page about many things, but today I admire him.

Claudia Rosett talks about the incredible dislocation that comes with being thrown off her insurance, including the problem of finding a new doctor.  What I haven’t seen anyone talk about is the disastrous burden being placed on doctors as they lose their old patients and, in one fell swoop, have to deal with dozens to hundreds of new patients.  The office work on new patients is overwhelming:  collecting medical history, doing the first (always long) exam, creating brand new files, dealing with new insurance claims, etc.  This is going to bury doctors and it’s going to lead to wait times that make Cuba and Britain look good.

Two on Obamacare:  Obama is no longer even hiding the fact that his illegal ukases are intended to help Democrats hide before the next election.  There is some humor to be derived from his desperate flailing.  His latest illegal directive is that the people who got kicked off of insurance they like are now allowed to purchase “catastrophic insurance,” which gives them less coverage for more money.  That’s bad enough, but there’s a funny part to it:  Obama claims he has the right to issue this rule because the law gives him power to issue emergency rules for man-caused disasters — and in this case, the man-caused disaster is Obamacare itself!


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  1. JKB says

    Ann Althouse observes today that people, especially on the Left, didn’t used to be so pedantic about assertions of First Amendment rights.  But, yes, Simon did go full Bill of Rights which was a bit far.  
    I know you didn’t use it that way but I do love how the so-called open-minded Progs love to go, “Oooh, you are technically wrong on that so I’ve decided you are wrong on anything you say.”  We all knew those annoying little children in school.  Loved to call out a fallen tree while they missed the forest.  
    I used to use a variation to get things past the government lawyers or other “powerful” impediments.  Put something shiny in your document or proposal for them to go off on, but get the wave of approval for the rest.  Then, quite apologetically, concede the shiny fragment while moving your document/proposal on with their sign-off.  
    I do think this became such an issue, first because Robertson’s views got printed in GQ  (And btw, as Leno asked, what’s the deal with GQ featuring a guy who wears camo 24/7?  Is it because he’s a snappy dresser?)  But it was only earlier in the week where Barbara Walters stated the Robertsons were more interesting than the Obmas.   Oops
    The excerpt below is worth it just to see Barbara Wawa quack up.

  2. MacG says

    “Robertson was mostly quoting from the Bible”
    It is not surprising that the complainants do not know this.  It was clear to anyone who intentionally reads the Books within for Spiritual guidance that’s what Phil was was referring to. When they figure that out they will hang him for plagiarism too for not attributing his source :)
    Like most things there is a bigger picture here that most people miss and that is the Christian maxim “Hate the sin but love the sinner” and there are plenty of bad example of Christian sinners not holding that paradigm as it were but I bet Phil is not one of them. 

  3. Gringo says

    Obama claims he has the right to issue this rule because the law gives him power to issue emergency rules for man-caused disasters — and in this case, the man-caused disaster is Obamacare itself!
    But remember, Demos are the smart guys and Pubs are the dummies. In this case, Pubs are dummies if they don’t loudly publicize this example of deceitful thinking from our POTUS. And Demos are smart if  the POTUS gets away with it.

  4. jj says

    The First Amendment comment by Simon is more than a ‘little’ wrong.  It reflects Constitutional ignorance on a par with Piers Morgan – but it’s ignorance shared by far too great a percentage of our generally ignorant populace.  The First Amendment – along with the others – applies to government, not us.  We can say anything to each other, bar threats and fighting words, and not involve the Constitution.  (Might involve the law, but not the Constitution.)  A & E can say anything to the Robertsons, up to and including ‘you’re fired,’ and not involve the Constitution.  I can violate your First Amendment rights all day long, as you can mine, and neither of us will have behaved in an Unconstitutional manner: we aren’t the government.  Nor is A & E.
    An astonishing number of Americans don’t get that. 

  5. says

    If or rather when Glaad and AE are proven to be getting funded by the Left and DC, that all goes out the window.
    Planned Parenthood gets federal funding. That would make them no longer private and no longer just citizens exercising their right of commerce and speech.
    If a school takes a single dollar of federal funding, they are now under sexual discrimination laws and what not. Even a bakery that supposedly sits on public land, but not owned by the government like GM, gets to be told to follow discrimination laws or else.

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