The Watcher’s Council has spoken, December 20, 2013, edition

The Council has spoken and it is good.  If you haven’t yet read the Watcher’s Council submissions for this week, I urge you to do so, especially The Right Planet’s winning post, which provides an intellectual rationale for keeping our spirits up despite politics and America’s malaise:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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    In reference to Right Planet, if people are going to all of a sudden use the proclamation of “evil” in the public space, eventually they’ll force me to change my wording.
    “But I can’t help, at times, to feel the frustration, anger, and even downright demoralization, of living in a world where so much evil does exist. I always agreed with Ephesians 6:10 in the Bible: “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” 
    Isn’t this what Zeek man and helen losse and ozzie would have called “crazie talk of the right wing”?
    If people are all of a sudden going to be doing that, where does that leave me? Where I am going to go if the crazy becomes normal? Well, there’s some time yet still.
    It’s not so much an issue of listening to Sun Tzu’s wisdom in order to achieve victory. The first problem is whether Americans deserve victory any more. If an immoral, lax, population that owes its security and prosperity to the humans sacrificed, deserve anything better than the Golden Age of America. If, for example, Sun Tzu came on the scene and was on the precipice of achieving victory, but his army was sabotaged and assassins sent out for him, by the very ruler of the country he was fighting to save… who in the hell would think Sun Tzu’s side deserves victory? They got a grand leader, killed or tried to kill him, now we are to say they deserve a leader to lead them to victory?
    That isn’t the case. It wasn’t the case for Carthage when they put Hannibal out to dry due to politics. It wasn’t for the Athenians when they sacrificed loyal generals because of dumb arse political decisions to invade islands of independent individuals.
    Before an army can achieve victory and planning, first it must deserve victory. It can’t be sending the women and children out to the front as cannonfodder to save the “army”. That kind of army deserves to be destroyed and probably will be destroyed sooner or later, no matter what you do using ancient wisdom.
    The morale is to the physical as is 3 is to 1. In modern times, it’s more like 10 to 1. An army or a nation that hopes to win, but has given up on that hope due to despair, can be repaired. An army or nation that sends out the women and children, the powerless and the weak, to die in the name of justice and freedom, deserves no such things as victory.

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    I found something nice on instapundit that I think people here should not miss out on.

    So recently we had the gay sexual revolution activists and their cult like obedience to the sexual spirit totems Command us to Obey them.
    But don’t forget the feminists and other sorts of that ilk too. Their victim classes will always trump your right to “human” status.

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